Desert Tour in Morocco
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Desert Tour in Morocco

Feeling like Aladdin during my Desert Tour in Morocco

{GUESTBLOG EWOUD & MIREILLE} Are you thinking of booking a Desert Tour Morocco? Mireille described her experience in the desert of Morocco riding camels, sleeping in special tents and the original food. Read her story and decide if you want to go!

Well I was sitting, waiting, wishing.. ok obviously I am starting this post with one top notch song, but during the awesome desert tour I booked in Morocco, I really found myself sitting on a camel, waiting and wishing I would find the oasis of gold I was dreaming of.

Before our adventure of camel riding and sleeping in the Erg Chebbi desert started, we had seen some pics and all but boy, the ‘real thing’ is so much better! It really feels like your Alladin himself, only difference is you are riding on the back of a camel..

Ok, so let’s start from the beginning. We met our guide from Desert Trips Morocco at hotel Yasmina which is located directly next to the desert, a very good meeting point I would say. If you are planning to go there by yourself – like we did – I would recommend renting an SUV which becomes handy driving the last kilometers off road to hotel Yasmina. I can truly say that your desert adventure already starts from that point (or even before when some camels are crossing the street).

Desert Tour Morocco

From hotel Yasmina you will already have an amazing view of the Erg Chebbi desert, so -of course- we used our time to make some pictures and treated ourselves with a very great lunch consisting of berber omelette, yum!

Food Desert Tour in Morocco

When the clock struck 4pm, the real Moroccan desert adventure started! Together with our group – for us this meant ourselves plus two other girls only – we headed to our camels. Although they were tight up together, the owner swore us these animals were treated very well (given the spare time the camels enjoyed by themselves and the way they looked I chose to believe him..). As we stood in front of them our small bag with some water, toothpaste and pyjamas got secured, we jumped on and 1-2-3 you were up in the ‘sky’. I can tell you, it was actually quite comfortable up there with some natural air conditioning blowing through your hair 😉

Desert Tour Morocco

Desert Tour Morocco

This together with some nice chatting with the guide, some marvellous landscapes and my –ok honestly grumpy, but who blames him- camel, it really did not feel like we were riding for 1,5 hours when we entered the campsite!

With a simple warning of ‘lean back’ we were back on our feet before we knew it. Good that we had some energy left because this was the moment suprême to walk on the sandy hills towards the sunset: which was honestly the most beautiful one I have ever seen in my life! Those colours… I can only say ‘this is something you have to see with your own eyes’.
Sunset Desert Tour in Morocco

Sunset Desert Tour in Morocco

As we walked back in the shadows of the sun we had time to check out the camp where we would stay over for this 1 night. This was another ‘wow’ moment since we did not at all expect to see a real flushing toilet over there neither as running water – not drinkable though but hey I am not Cleopatra herself either. Our own tent consisted out of 2 simple mattresses with blankets which is all you need really.

Desert Tour Morocco

Facilities Desert Tour in Morocco

Facilities Desert Tour in Morocco

Food Desert Tour Morocco

After all of these ‘oeee’ and ‘aaa’ moments we got hungry, so lucky for us there was some nice tajine and mint tea – ‘berber whiskey’ as they call it – waiting for us outside the tents. We enjoyed our meals, chatted some more and felt more and more positive about the desert tour in Morocco each minute, this is so worth your money! As it was dark, I was ready to see some stars…Ooo how we felt small in this big sandbox and never ending sky full of tiny lights! Just at the moment I was getting kind of cold there was this big – no not a small type of kind- but BIG falling star as I never saw before! COME ON, could this get any better than this? Just as I wanted to say ‘no’ the berber people in our camp started making a campfire and played traditional music for some time. I think I couldn’t get any closer to a true original desert tour experience than I already was.

Desert Tour in Morocco

Sunrise Desert Tour Morocco

As we agreed to get up at 6 AM to see the sunrise, we didn’t make it too late and headed off to our tents. To be honest I was wide awake for a couple of hours, but that was mostly because of the adrenaline of the day – ok and maybe slightly because of the sound of the wind as I am not a real hero 😉 but what do you expect from a girl living in Amsterdam?

Sunrise Desert Tour in Morocco

Dunes Desert Tour in Morocco

For a waking up at 6AM moment, I can truly say this one wasn’t that bad ;). To see the sunrise we quickly got on our – now befriended – camels again and after some minutes we saw the sun came up! For me this moment was less magical than the one from the day before, I think this was mostly due to the deck of clouds and the – now visible – other tourists who were heading back to their hotels as well. Nevertheless I enjoyed the second part of the ride and after 1 hour (we took a new route) we arrived at the hotel again.
Saying goodbye to our camels (some of us took some camel selfies) and guides we were ready for breakfast and a hot shower. Therefore it was great we got the luxury to take a quick shower in one of the hotel rooms and eat some pancakes on the terrace.

Desert Tour in Morocco

With our stomaches full and some fresh clothes on, we thanked everyone from Desert Trips Morocco and headed to the paved roads, back into our normal lives..

Information Desert Tour in Morocco

Did you enjoy this post and want to have the full desert tour Morocco experience yourself? Just go for it!

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