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8 Best Things to Do in Rishikesh India

{GUEST BLOG Manmohan Singh} Rishikesh is that wonder place where beauty in nature meets godliness and fabulous adventure.

The arterial source of life and sustenance in Northern India, River Ganges, springs forth from the Himalayan highs to enter the plains here. The stormy waters lashing and frothing with life, cutting its way through the mountains is a grand sight to behold. Serene green forested hills surrounding the river’s course, homing multitudes of birds and beasts, luring those wild of heart to tread it’s quiet nature trails. The streets of the old town team with myriad offbeat folks- saffron robes, dreadlocks and pop color clothes, cross-border traveler living out of a backpack- it’s a world of fascination out there. Each day here dawns with the auspicious chant of “Aum”, reverberating from the yogic learning centers that the town is renowned for. Rishikesh is where all journeys begin. There is nothing here that is not about ‘self-searching’. There is nothing here that is not ‘spiritual’

Here are eight best things to do for anyone visiting this unreal town:

Rafting in Rishikesh

The waters of Ganges during clear weather reflect luminescent blue tinged with milky whites. A little far up from the Ram Jhula-Lakshman Jhula stretch, the rafters start off on a tumble-down journey turning and tossing on the rocky high currents and reaching the almost-placid river near the above-mentioned bridges in a few hours time. At parts, the river bed is jagged and full of dodgy rapids which make the going challenging and fun.
Do this for unremitting gushes of adrenaline and the pure pleasure of taking a challenge by its horns. You will be with experienced trainers at all times, so it’s all safe too.

Rafting Rishikesh

Bungee, Jump Cliffs, and Paraglide in Rishikesh

The adrenaline fare in the river cliffs continues with Bungee, Parasailing, and Cliff-Jumping. Experience your heart racing as you glide through valley-wide, falling from 80 meters above the ground in gravity’s caress and let all cares go as the land lets up from beneath your feet. These split minutes of surreal, hanging amid thin air, just you and the earth beneath, are going to stay with you forever.
Channel your inner swashbuckler!

Bungeejump Rishikesh

Yoga to Go One Step towards Moksha – Yoga Rishikesh

Expand your soul-searching time while you are in this land of the ancient and the wise. Remember, you are in the Yoga World Capital.
The tradition is 5000 years old and has evolved into myriad newfangled branches through the ages, with its reception in different parts of the globe. In the heartland of yogic origination, in Rishikesh, the time-honored values are still retained and propagated by some of its most eminent luminaries.
You can check into a well-reviewed institution for a week-long, comprehensive yoga retreat programs or any of the full-fledged yoga teacher training courses demanding a month’s commitment, and welcome a whole new worldview and lifestyle. There are also great yoga drop-in places to try out a range of styles from general Hatha and Ashtanga to Kundalini, Tantra Yoga, or Yin Yan, etc.
Put your heart to it, and the greatest benefits of the mind-body wellness, nourishment, and all-pervasive peace will flow to you!

Yoga Rishikesh

Where Were The Beatles in Rishikesh?

Music lovers have a special attraction in this hippie town. Deep in the woods, there are the remains of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s ashram where The Beatles had come to meditate. The hallowed walls are adorned here with psychedelic graffiti paying tribute to all the legend’s quintessential songs.
This is no place to raise the roof and party but makes for a quiet day of contemplation and soul-searching. Yoga lovers come here to meditate in the deep quiet of the woods. Also, the diffusion of colors on the walls makes for moody photo ops.

The Beatles Rishikesh

Attend the Magical Ganga Aarti in Rishikesh

The river ghats are always overflowing with life and community activities, the most notable of which is, of course, the magical Ganga Aarti or ritual worship. It’s a gorgeous sight to catch the light-bearing stands rotting on the hands of the priests as the sky full of darkness slowly descends upon the river at sundown. Resonating chants to the unequaled, omniscient divinity rings through the evening, with the power to rouse even the most cynical.
Attend the Aarti for the sheer brilliance of its performance and mesmeric visuals, if not for religious sentiments.

Explore Wildlife at Rajaji National Park – Rishikesh

Go for a jungle safari in the Rajaji National Park on a day you feel particularly outdoorsy. Tours can be made on a jeep or on elephant backs. On your lucky day of a bright, sunny season, there could be a number of sightings of Nilgai, Jungle Cats, Leopards, Indian Hares, and Sloth.

Rajaji National Park Rishikesh

Check Out the Bohemian Cafes in Rishikesh

The riverfront cafes of Rishikesh are great places to spend a lazy day just looking over the glistening waters while sipping on refreshing herbal teas and coolants. Most of these haunts are Wi-Fi equipped, so you can take your portable work-station when you go. The insides are moodily colored, dimly lit at night and give out a 90s vibe.

Bohemian Cafes Rishikesh

And oh yes, the food in Rishikesh!

Scrumptious, available in a wide variety of cuisines, especially Vegan and Health-food, delicacies from these joints cooked to kosher perfection with no room for complaint from foodies.

Camp Under the Stars in Rishikesh

Nights here are full of starry skies wonder. Spend a dreamy time camping out by the river with your best people. Sing songs and barbecue at the bonfire, see how the moon floats in the water, and gather around in the darkness to share scary stories.
Come home, feeling more alive, spiritually complete, and kicking!

Camp Rishikesh

Author Bio: Manmohan Singh is a passionate Yogi, Yoga Teacher and a Traveller in India. He provides yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India. He loves writing and reading the books related to yoga, health, nature and the Himalayas. For more information about him visit his website.


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