Things to do in Kerala
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10 amazing things to do in Kerala

{GUEST BLOG Manmohan Singh} Kerala is a wonder place where natural beauty and mankind coexist in harmony. A dedicated read for the wanderers to discover the 10 incredible things to do in Kerala.

A prosperous state on the south-west corner of the tropical Malabar Coast, Kerala, India boasts everything from natural splendor to mesmerising culture to picturesque backwaters to the rich heritage and heavenly bliss. Brimming with a melange of culinary experiences, exotic beaches, lush coconut plantations, and exquisite wildlife, Kerala is undoubtedly splendid in awakening the inner spirit of the wanderers and travellers.

The breathtaking landscape of Kerala, India unfolds the varying hues of lush verdure, nurtures beautiful parasols against the glare of the sun, and enriches emerald hillsides luring the wild heart’s to tread its quaint mystical trails. Each day here dawns with the pleasing humming of the birds and beasts, flowing enchanting breezes, and leisurely spending the day in the close embrace of nature.

Things to do in Kerala

Kerala, India is an abode of nature, beauty, and tranquility. There is nothing here that is not about rejuvenation and soul-searching. There is nothing here that is not fascinating. On your much-awaited trip to Kerala, indulge in these top 10 amazing things to do in Kerala for an enthralling holiday.

1. Cruise the Alleppey Backwaters– A romantic experience: The backwater town of Alleppey is the soul of Kerala. A home to the vast network of waterways and thousands of colorful houseboats– Alleppey uplifts the soul of the visitors. Sailing down the tranquil backwaters overlooking the lush green landscape while pacifying the hunger pangs with delicious delicacies, a houseboat cruise is just as amazing as it is made out to be. Enjoy a romantic time, irrespective of whether you are with your partner, friends, or alone.

Things to do in Kerala2. Savor Ayurveda Massages– A healing Bliss: An Ayurveda massage in Kerala is akin to a glimpse into heaven that one cannot resist it when touring the God’s own country– Kerala. The benevolent climate throughout the year makes this land highly suitable for the flourishing of Ayurveda plants. Ayurveda resorts, centers, and institutes dot the place of Kerala, offering unadulterated and healing Ayurvedic treatments, therapies, and services. Rejuvenate to the core with natural Ayurvedic massages. An experience nothing short of divinity.

Things to do in Kerala3. Witness a Kalaripayattu bout– An enlightening experience: Kerala, India is a nurturing land of Kalaripayattu, an ancient martial art form. Kalaripayattu– a magnificent treasure and mother of all other martial arts is an art form of self-expression, fitness, invasive discipline aiming to deepen the presence of mind, which in turn facilitate physical movements. There are as many as 500 schools in Kerala extending the wisdom of Kalaripayattu. Get mesmerized by the athletic moves of the fighters by watching a kalaripayattu bout.

4. Tread the Sandalwood Forests at Marayoor– Nature’s delight: Marayoor is famous for its sandalwood forests and rock painting which dates back to the prehistoric era. Visit the muniyaras caves, lakkam waterfalls, and megalithic dolmens during your visit to Kerala in India and adore the nature’s delight.

Things to do in Kerala5. Neelakurinji Bloom in Munnar– A visual treat: The beautiful hills of Munnar attract every national and international traveler. Eravikulam National Park is one of the most frequently-visited places in Munnar because of the Neelakurinji which blooms once in 12 years is a great view to behold. Eravikulam is the loving abode to endangered Nilgiri Tahr, sheltering majority of the remaining population of the species found on the planet. Standing amidst the Neelakurinji, transport a person into a blue heaven.


6. A Meal at Veli Tourist Village– A delight for the taste buds: Savor an incredible experience by exploring the veli lake and dining in the floating restaurant. An ideal tourist spot where travellers can enjoy paddle boat rides and can refresh their souls in splendid gardens. A hot spot for children as they can play their hearts around by climbing the sculptures and racing speed boat rides across the waters.

Things to do in Kerala7. Live a village Life– Experience the hospitality of Keralites: Connect with your roots and have an authentic village experience at Kumbalangi Integrated Tourism Village. Lend a helping hand in paddy cultivation, canoeing in mangrove forests, fishing, crab farming and many other amazing things to do in villages. Explore the Iringal crafts village, where skilled craftsmen sell intricate pieces of art made from coir, bamboo, banana fibers, and coconut shells. Take back home with you the skill of making beautiful artwork by attending workshops here.

Things to do in Kerala8. Bamboo Rafting in Periyar– For venturesome: Periyar wildlife sanctuary is a popular forest reserve of Kerala. Stir the wilderness in you by taking a jungle safari and indulging in bamboo rafting in Periyar. Discover the pampered flora & fauna, go for hiking, spot majestic tigers, and elephants, and delight your eye and soul.

Things to do in Kerala9. Observe the Elephant pageant– Beauty of the Beast: Beauty of the Beast, Elephant pageant is the perfect example of this. Thrissur and Palakkad in Kerala, India hosts several elephant pageants throughout the year. Thaipooya Mahotsavam in January being the highlight, watch decked up elephants in style during this pageant.

Things to do in Kerala10. Sip coconut Water– A refreshing expedition: There is an inseparable connection between coconut and Kerala, India. The gift of nature is found everywhere, from housing to food and more. Nothing can beat the experience of sipping a tender coconut plucked straight from the tree. The refreshing surroundings just add to the rejuvenating experience.

Hail to Kerala, India to feel rejuvenated and alive.

Author Bio: Manmohan Singh is a passionate Yogi, Yoga Teacher and a Traveller in India. He provides Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India. He loves writing and reading the books related to yoga, health, nature and the Himalayas.

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