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The flight to Beijing

Today day I was up early. I slept wel and finished my checklist for the trip. On the airport there were a lot of friends who want to say me goodbye, that’s very nice!

Everything goes fast, the time the plane, and before I know I was in Moskow. I thought I had to wait four hours but because of the different timezone it was only two hours šŸ˜€

So next flight was to Beijing, the real goal for the start of my adventure. When I arrived in Beijing there was a taxidriver waiting for me and in 30 minutes I checked-in at the Sanlutin Youth Hostel. A cosy hostel, I directly met some French people. The next dat we booked a trip to the great wall. In the evening there was a Halloween party at the hostel. I dronk a few bears till 23.00 and slept like a baby!

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