footprints hostel Sihanoukville
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Footprints hostel Sihanoukville

My stay at the Footprints hostel in Sihanoukville was awesome. You can stay there from $5 a night. The beds are good and the accomodation clean. You’ve several options in the Footprints hostel. You’ve private rooms, normal dorms ánd dorms just next to the sea. When you want to sleep in the “open air” the last option will be great. (all the beds in the Footprints hostel have mosquito nets) They have a lot of beds in a building above the bar without walls. So you can see and hear the sea when you’re in your bed.

Lounge Footprints hostel Sihanoukville

In the lounge of the Footprints hostel you can watch a lot of movies from the harddrive. The wifi is good and the food is delicious! For 3 dollar youve fried noodles. For 4.5 dollar youve a chickenburger with baked patatos. Beer or a 1.5 liter refill of water are 0.5 dollar.

Footprint hostel Sihanoukville

Beach bar Footprints hostel Sihanoukville

The bar at the beach is awesome, its on the beach and they have happy hour. I loved the bbq on the beach. 5 dollar a big plate and a free draft. They have a pooltable.

Tip: don’t play against the young local people for money. The finisch the game with their eyes closed.

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