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Hospitality of Cambodia

After my first experience with the Cambodian birthday party I was surprised again. After a short kayak trip to the island in front of Koh Rong we end up at the beach. Two local guys approached us and asked us if we can borrow them our kayaks so they can get the not swimming people and stuff of their boat to the beach. Sure why not. We will enjoy this beach and the sun.

Bbq with the company

After one hour maybe one hour and a half they still had our kayaks so we go there to ask how long it take. First question when we arrived. Do you want a beer? – Ofcourse 🙂 After a few beers the bbq was ready and the asked us to stay for the bbq. They served us crab, squid and other delicious seafood.
I met Erick country manager of a German company he took his staff out on a two day boat trip for newyear to Koh Rong. He is from Palao in Micro Indonesia and was working for the company in Asia. He runs two of that offices here. He gave me good information about Paloa so maybe i’ll go there!

The people in Cambodia are so nice en friend. Not only because of the beer and food but they are really interested in what we do and how we think about issues.
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