Cambodian Birthday Party
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Birthday party Cambodia

The people in Cambodia are so friendly. Most of the time no is no even by tuktuk drivers! But also in the social talk they really want to speak with you without try to sell something. They like to learn English and a lot of Cambodia do speak English.

So I had two really nice experiences in my first week. I was invited to a birthday party and a local bbq on the beach! And I wanted to gove them money for the beers and food but no way they accepted that.

Birthday party Cambodia

I stayed on Koh Rong at a hostel. The guys from the hostel invited us to visit a birthday party on the pier. A little boy had his birthday and the whole village celebrated it with food, beer, dance and pie. Even trowing the pie! šŸ™‚

After blowing the candles out they sprayed garlands out of aerosols and start to dance.

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