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Hostel Perhentian Island / Accommodation

One of the most beautiful places on my Asia tour was prevention Island. I stayed at the small island at Long Beach. The white sand and the blue water maked it like a dream. Even better was that you can snorkle from the beach and see such a great sealife! I saw sharks, Nemo’s, Parrotfish and lots of other colorful fish I don’t know. The coral was also really beautifull. The anomons and the big breathing water plants where awesome. I rented everyday a mask and snorkle for 5 RM. ($1.25)

Hostel on Perhentian Island Malaysia

A cheap hostel on Perhentian island will cost 30 RM. And you can find them right at the point they drop you (the beach isn’t that big) The most of the people just show up and find a hostel or accommodation on Perhentian Island. So that is what we did. We went to Lemon Grass that is on the left side of the beach (when you see it from the see) and rented a two person bungalow for 50RM a night. It is a plain bungalow with fan and limited electricity but definitely worth it for that price. I was in 20 steps on the beach and with 50 steps I was in the water.

Hostel perhentian island

Boat to Perhentian Island Malaysia

You can go from Kuala Besut to Perhentian by boat. You can buy a ticket for 70 RM. They always give you a two way ticket. I took the first boat from 7.00 in the morning. In 40 minutes we where on the island and a whole day in front of us! We saw the first day already some sharks!

Timetable Perhention Island boatservice

Boat from Kuala Besut to Perhentian island 7.00 till 16.30 (depends on the season)
Boat from Perhentian island to Kuala Besut 8.00 / 12.00 and 16.00.

Hostel perhentian island

Tourist fee Perhentian Island

When you wan to visit the Perhentian Island you’ve to pay a tourist fee. The touristfee for the Perhentian Island is 5RM ($1.25). Just before you get on the boat you’re to buy it. When you walk to the boat you will see it.

Food on Perhentian Island Malaysia

In the evening there are several good restaurants they offer almost the same but one is with a little bit more style than the other. I always went to the three places next to each other and ate barbecue, you can get awesome plates served with a drink, salad, fruit, and the fish or chicken you choose. I tried stingray, Shark, Kingfish and Barracuda 😀

Snorkling at Perhentian Island Malaysia

Perhentian Island was for me the best snorkle place in Asia I’ve been so far. On the first snorkle trip I saw sharks. The biggest shark I’ve seen was around 2.5 meter. You don’t have to be afraid they are blacktip and reefsharks. The second we discovered some Nemo’s fishes and a lot of other fish I don’t know the name. Also the coral whas very colourfull and beautiful.

Where to snorkel on the Perhentian Island

When you stand on the beach looking to the sea in the left corner behind the boat pier you can find beautiful coral and colored fishes. Also Nemo’s and Parrotfishes sometimes a shark as well. At the right site you can find easily sharks. Just swim 300/400 perter near the rocks and look around. Stay still sometimes to look around that is the easiest way to spot them.

Snorkling Perhentian Island

Snorkle tour Perhentian Island

On the second last day we booked a snorkle tour because we hadn’t see a turtle yet. The snorkel tour on the Perhentian Island you can book from 40 RM till 90 RM. We booked the 50 RM tour that goes to Turtle point, Sharkpoint, Fish point, the fisherman village where you can buy a lunch and turtle beach. For me It wasn’t really worth it. We saw a turtle but there were 50 people in the water around that turtle. Because of all the snorkletours it is overcrowded sometimes. And the other things we saw on the trip we saw already by snorkeling from the normal Long Beach.

Diving on Perhentian Island Malaysia

On the Perhentian Island are several divincgschools. I’m no loud to dive so I can’t tell you a lot, but what I’ve heard from the people at Lemon grass that the courses are nice and the dives good. You can even go to a shipwreck at the last dive of your PADI course. When you want more information just google 😉

Travelagency on the Perhentian Island Malaysia

In some shops on the Island you can book bustickets to other destinations from Kuala Besut. They charge you 5RM ($1.25) more but than you’re sure you’re on the bus. I took the nights from Kuala Besut to Kuala Lumpur. That costs me 51 RM ($12.5) that one leaves at 20.30 and arrives at 6.00 in the morning in KL.

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