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How to: live more spontaneously, tips!

Eat, sleep, work repeat. Five times and than it’s weekend. I’m back 1.5 month since I traveled for a year. It was like a dream, just do what pops up in your mind. Now I’m back in working life and that is fine. What I don’t like? The same things over and over again. Yes my work (online marketing) is a passion. But I promised myself to live more spontaneously. Sometimes, just say yes is enough time will do the work for the other moments I wrote this list.

Here 10 steps to live more spontaneously

Book a trip

Just go somewhere, do you have friends somewhere? Go there. Always want to go to that city? Book that flight and an Airbnb apartment.

Go sport, do something different

Set a goal and change your way of sport. Just run in the forest, in the mud or go cycling that long route. Whats up in your mind? What can be your goal?


Work on the same spot? If you can work somewhere else! Run the same route? Run somewhere else! Same route home? Go somewhere else. You never know what may happen!

Shall we..

Live spontaneously tipsJust do it and say shall we… ok bring it as an amazing plan. Shall we ride to Paris or Berlin this weekend? Shall we book a hotel near the beach? Shall we go to that burgerbar?

What would you do?

Talk to strangers

Often strangers don’t bite, why shoulden’t you talk with them? One of my best things of my traveltrip, meet new people and do new stuff. So one day we borrowed our kajak in Cambodia what ended in a beach bbq with locals.

Do something scary!

What is on your fearlist? Go and face your fears šŸ™‚ You will feel better after doing it. Challenge yourself šŸ™‚


Just ride your bike or drive your care somewhere. See the park or region where you never been before. Everybody has something around what is on his list. What would you reccomend a tourist to go in your living area / region, have you been to all of those places yourself?

“Collect moments not things”

Play that music and dance!

Dance like nobody is watching. Turn the music loud and be “crazy” as you can. You’ll feel better and get energy!

My favorite! What would the 4 year old do?!

Jumping in the puddles, eat different cookies or make your own, go to the zoo. Just do something you want to do, doesn’t matter if it’s small of big.

Grab your friends go somewhere! Make that suggestion or say yes to a suggestion your friends does.

Yes, I’m still practising šŸ™‚

Next thing for me what is coming up? Curling tournament, in my small hometown!

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