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Kunming to Stoneforest in Shilin

Today I did an amazing tour from Kunming to the Stoneforest in Shilin. In the beginning it was al little touristic but when you in the parc the parc is so big that sometimes you can walk 15 minutes without see anyone.

From Kunming to Stoneforest in Shilin

I stayed in the Gladdinn hostel near the station from Kunming. From there I took bus 122 (25 min) to another bus stop there I took bus 193 you can also take bus K17. Both are going to the East Bus Station of Kunming. (final destination)
There you can take a bus (1.5 hour) to te Stoneforest in Shilin.

When you at the park you can choose to walk 3 km (ca 30 min) to the entrance or take the electric cars for 25 rmb.

Costs to get to the Kunming Stoneforest

Bus 122 (2 rmb)
Bus 193 or K17 (2 rmb)
Bus to Stoneforest Shilin oneway (27 rmb)
Parc entrance (165 rmb or 87.5 for students)

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