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Offline maps for traveling

Update & tip: you can use Google maps offline, read here how it works.

I did a few larger travel trips now and when you’ve no internet connection and still try something to find can be hard. Specialy when you’re alone or tired from a long day or night traveling. Offline map is my solution for this problem. You can download the map from the country on your phone. The most of the streets and big attractions are on it. So when I’m in a place with wifi is set a exact point on my map so I know where I’ve to go that day. The map will load offline and your location is easy to find.

Use the offline map for touristic places

An other option what I like to do is get true big touristic places to see everything. For example the Stoneforest in Shilin. Its like a big maze. Every 10 minutes I pointed a place on the map. So I can know I’ve been there. With the pointer that points in the direction you walk its easy to go to places you haven’t bin.

Do you’ve other options to use the offline map or better suggestions?
Let me know!

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