Use Google Maps offline
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Use Google Maps offline

A lot of navigation apps are already offline. Now the biggest navigation app is going offline as well! Google Maps published a couple months ago that they also developing an real offline map. Today is the day, they are publishing the offline map. Starting on their own mobile software Android. And later iOS will also get an update.

Use Google Maps offline

Google Maps had already the possibility to use the map when youโ€™re offline but now they will let you download certain regions you want. When you got the update you can download parts of Google Maps to your mobile to use it offline. Google maps says you can download different parts. From cities and regions to whole countries. The possibility to download a map is only aloud when you are connected to WiFi to avoid high data bills. On the maps includes also, highlights restaurants, opening timetables, rating and stores. Read more about Google offline maps on the Google blog.

Note. in some countries they block Google (China for example) is easier there to use pre-installed offline map like

How to use Google offline maps
How to use Google Maps offline


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