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New “adventure”

At the last restday in Trondheim I felt something in my left thigh. It felt like a strained muscle I thought after the warm-up it will be ok. But when I cycled further the pain became even worse. I had to go back to the apartment for some extra rest.

My thigh was sometimes painful and sometimes felt normal the next days. I after 10 days rest I felt good and I decided to continue. But after a couple of kilometers the same pain returned.

I was grumpy about it and decided to get a checkup the next day. Here in Trondheim you got the Legevakta. That is the normal doctor but in the hospital where you can go. After a little chat I had to give some blood for the tests. After the test the doctor decided that I had to see the kidney specialist.

They putted me in a wheelchair -even when I told them that I could walk- and drove me to the basement. It felt like an Asian scam 🙂 More test to do. Heartbeat, blood pressure, temperature, more blood tests, urine tests and I even received an infusion. After almost 11 hours in the hospital the kidney specialist gave me a negative advice to continue my cycling adventure.

I’m really disappointed because I feel super fit but only my leg has some struggles sometimes. But the value’s (Creatine Kinase CK) in my blood told the doctor that I’m overtrained. In itself it is not dangerous but when the value stays high it can lead to kidney faillure. After the weekend on Monday I got a checkup if the CK value is going down.

Now I’ll fly home on Wednesday and see what the next adventure will bring. I keep the last month in mind, it was an awesome adventure with nice moments and views!
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