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Sleeping at the monestary Hpa-an Myanmar

Last night I had a once in a lifetime experience. I was the only foreigner on a mountaintop and slept in a monastery.

Get from Hpa-an to the Monastery

To get from Hpa-an to the monastery you can take a motor taxi for 2000 MMK. The taxi will drop you off at the bottom of the mountain. The mountain is 750 meter up and that are some 3700 stair steps. The walk up will take around two hours by normal walking. Check the sunset time so you will be on time for that! If you’re lucky you will see some nice birds, lizards and squirrels and maybe more.

Costs to sleep at the monastery

When you want to sleep at the monastery you have to donate 5000 MMK. You will get a pillow, blanket and a blanket to sleep on. (see picture below)

Sleeping Monastery Hpa-an

What to bring when you want to sleep at the Monastery

  • At least 1 liter water for the way up
  • Toothbrush
  • Toiletpaper
  • Towel
  • Fresh clothes
    (your own sleeping bag)

Food and bathroom at the Monastery

When you are at the Monastery you can eat at the little restaurant. A meal will cost 2000 MMK. You can also buy some candy, shampoo and water (700 MMK) and more. The shop is a little bit expensive but when you think what they have to do to bring it to the top…

You can take a “shower” at the top. This is a traditional Myanmar bucket shower. The toilet is next to the showers and left is for men and right for the women. (Don’t trow your toilet paper in the toilet, but use the garbage bin)

Video sleep at the Monastery near Hpa-an

Check sunset and sunrise time table

Before you go check the sunset and sunrise time. You don’t want to miss that!

Sleeping Monastery Hpa-an

In the morning at the Monastery

It is dark early on the mountain so you can go sleep early. Better do it because the sunrise is early as well. The monks (and other) people will pray just before sunrise and that will wake you up for sure. Go check it out and be quiet, respect them.

After the morning pray everybody goes to the dining room for a breakfast. They invited me as well. A long table were they serve rice and some side dishes. Nice food for the morning walk down!

When you finished breakfast you can hang around the pagoda / Monastery or walk down. The walk will take around 1 hour and 15 minutes / 1.5 hour. (this is the other side of the mountain!)

Sleeping Monastery Hpa-an

My tip for visiting the Monastery near Pha-an.

Respect the people who lives there. Wear proper shoes to get up and down. Some stairs are old with gravel on top.

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  • sebastian

    Hi, the monastery is on top of the Mount Zwekabin or its a different mountain to climb?

  • Jakub

    Hi! I am thinking to spend two or three nights there including New Year’s Eve, is there any way to check if that’s possible? I will be at Yangon probably 31th in the morning and I don’t want to go there for nothing.

  • Sandra Mathey

    I want to do the same! Could you tell me the name of the monastery and maybe where you left your bag?

    Thanks, Sandra

    • Paul

      I think there is only one monastery in Hpa-an, I just left my bag at Galaxy Motel in Hpa-an. They are very friendly. Have a nice stay Sandra, make sure you are on time for the sunset 🙂

  • Reply

    Super zeg! Ik ga van de zomer naar Myanmar, en ik zou dit echt graag willen doen. Ik mediteer thuis regelmatig, weet jij of het mogelijk is om dit samen met de monniken te doen? Super stuk, dankjewel!

    • Paul

      Hi Jasmin, op deze locatie kun je dat niet samen met de monniken doen. Graag gedaan. Mocht je er geweest zijn of toevoegingen hebben, gewoon plaatsen in de comments 🙂 Have fun!

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