Caves Hpa-an
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Hpa-an tuk tuk tour caves and temples

When you stay in Hpa-an you can do a tuktuk tour of one day to caver and temples near Hpa-an. I did this tour with a group of 7 people out of the Soe Brothers Guesthouse in Hpa-an. Some Brothers provides this tour with their own driver.

Caves Hpa-an

Wich caves an temples do you visit

The Tuk Tuk tour around Hpa-an starts at 8.30 and finish at 17.30 at the hostel

  • Kawt Ka Thaung Cave
  • Saddar Cave (1500 boat fee)
  • Water lake
  • Limbini Garden
  • Kyauk Ka Lat Tempel
  • Cat Groon Cave (3000 entrance fee)
  • Ya Thea Ryan Cave

Caves Hpa-an

Extra entrance fees

I liked the diversity of al the caves and the temple but when you’re traveling on a small budget I suggest to skip the Cat Groon cave with the 3000 MMK entrance fee. The cave isn’t that spectacular and you’ll have fun with watching monkey’s at the entrance. The boat ride at the Saddar cave is for me a must do on this trip.

Costs of the Tuk Tuk tour around Hpa-an

  • One person 30.000 MMK
  • Two persons 15.000 MMK
  • Three persons 10.000 MMK
  • Four persons 7.500 MMK
  • Five persons 6.000 MMK
  • Six persons 5.000 MMK
  • Seven persons 5.000 MMK
  • Eight persons 5.000 MMK
  • Nine persons 5.000 MMK

When there are more than 9 persons the group will might be separated.

Video of the Caves around Hpa-an

Rent a motorbike in Hpa-an for the caves

When you like to ride a motorbike you can also rent a motorbike in Hpa-an. This will costs 600 MMK for one day. They have filled up the gasoline. When you return the bike you’ve to fill it up. Riding a motorbike is a good option when you like to ride or when you don’t have a group to go with. You can search for the caves on Google Maps and point them in a offline map like

Caves Hpa-an

See the Bat cave

When you rented a motorbike a nice thing to see is the Bat cave near Hpa-an an sunset. There are millions of bats flying out of the cave. See mor info and the video of the Hpa-an Bat cave here.

Sleeping in the monastery

It is nice to do the tour the day before you sleep at the Monastery on the top of the mountain. You can see and recognize some of the places you’ve see the day before in the tour. That makes the view on the mountain an the monastery even more fun.

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