Bat Cave Hpa-an
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Bat cave Hpa-an

Bat cave. An absolute must-see, the bat cave is a small cave that cannot be entered but you can go there for sunset when, literally, hundreds of thousands of bats fly out. They are said to be flying all the way to Mawlalmyine to feed and come back every morning. The cave is part of a complex of a few pagodas, one on top of the rock, accessible by a steep ladder, with amazing views over the river and the bridge. There is an old couple who live there with some kids. Consider making a small donation for them to take care of the place.

Bat cave Hpa-an

Bat cave starts at sunset

When the bats start flying out, they start beating drums (actually jerry cans) so that the bats make interesting patterns in flight. It is possible to go there by bicycle but make sure you have sufficient front and back lights for coming back in the dark. It is of course also possible to go during the day just for the views and the pagodas but the bat show at sunset is not to be missed.

Video of the bat cave at Hpa-an

Location of the bat cave

See the descriptions below, take your bicycle, motorbike or a tuk tuk!

How to get to the Bat cave from Hpa-an

To get there, follow the road our of Hpa An, as if going towards Yangon (not Mawlamyine) and then across the big road bridge. The moment you are of the bridge, take some stairs that go right down to the river. If you are cycling, you can carry your bicycle down the stairs. If you are motorized, follow the road for a couple of hundred meters past the bridge and then make a sharp right turn on a dirt track back down to the river. Once you are at the river bank, next to the bridge, you will see a village. Follow the main street in this village for 200 m and you will see a gate to a monastery. Take your shoes off and walk right in. In about 200 m more, some dogs will bark at you, but don’t pay attention and continue for a minute more, where you can leave your bicycle/motorbike and take a short path to the cave. Ask your guesthouse to write down for you “bat cave” in Burmese so you can ask directions.

Drive to the bat cave near Hpa-an

You can also go by tuk-tuk for 10.000 kyats (2500 kyats/person) or even with a motorbike with driver for two people (8000 kyats). You can arrange tuk tuk at Galazy Motel. The driver takes you to the Bat Cave and wait until sunset, ant then drives back to Hpa An.

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  • sebastian

    Thank you, do u think that just renting a motorbike and going on my own would be okay? I was told that you can see the bats from nearby the bridge without visiting the cave, just being close to the bridge u can see the bats leaving the cave.

  • sebastian

    awesome, in order to see the bats leaving the cave, we must climb to the monastery? confused , not clear how to get a good spot to view that amazing event.

    At what time usually is the sunset or the best time to visit to make sure not to miss the bats leaving the cave? thanks a lot

    • Paul

      Hi Sebastian, the sunset varies but google weather can give you an update on the day you’ll visit it. Be there an hour before bring some food, drinks and mosquito spray and just enjoy the moment 😀

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