Golden Rock Myanmar
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Golden Rock / Kyaiktiyo Pagoda Myanmar

Today I visited the Golden Rock / Kyaiktiyo Pagoda near Kyaikto and Kyaiktiyo. It is a touristie place but with nice weather definitely a must to visit.

Walk to the Golden Rock / Kyaiktiyo Pagoda

If you want to walk to the Golden Rock from Kyaiktiyo to the top of the Golden Rock it costs 4 hours. The walk down costs 3 hours. My advice if you want to walk start early when it is not that hot.

Transport Kyaiktiyo to Golden Rock / Kyaiktiyo Pagoda

There are trucks that go from Kyaiktiyo up the Golden Rock / Kyaiktiyo Pagoda. (and down) The costs of the truck is 2500 for oneway. The trucks leave when they are full. You have to pay on the way to the top to the guy on the truck. Make sure pay the right person in stead of donate your 2500 in the bucket. The ride up will take around 40 minutes. The ride down will take 35 minutes. The last truck when I was there was at 17.40 pm. (before sunset)

Golden Rock Myanmar

Transport from Kyaikto to Golden Rock / Kyaiktiyo Pagoda

You can take the pick-up truck from Kyaikto to Kyaiktiyo for 500 MMK oneway. When you stay in a guesthouse or hotel they can arrange a taxi or pickup from Kyaikto to the Golden Rock as well. (last part with the truck with a mentioned above)

Video of visiting the Golden Rock / Kyaiktiyo Pagoda

Entrance Golden Rock Rock / Kyaiktiyo Pagoda

The entrance for the Golden Rock at Kyaiktiyo is 6000. They only charge this for foreigners. You have to pay this entrance fee for the Golden Rock on the mountain. When you walk from the trucks to the Golden Rock you will see the office on your right hand.

Golden Rock Myanmar

Village behind the Golden Rock / Kyaiktiyo Pagoda

The Golden Rock is beautiful but when you are fit don’t skip the village behind the Golden Rock. A lot of souvenirs and medicine stands. The medicine stands are a little weird. They have monkey heads, Wild pigs heads, Wild cats, snakes, Goat feet and more to make medicines. I dont have a real good picture because they didn’t let me take one so I think the business isn’t totaly legal.

Golden Rock Myanmar

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