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{Inspiration} Hi! This post is from Jacob Laukaitis. He’s a digital nomad, meaning he can work from anywhere as long as he has his computer and a Wi-Fi, he  travels 9-10 months every year. In the last 2 years he visited more than 30 countries and spent most of his time in Asia.

With his company they have this tradition of going on an exotic team retreat every year at – an online coupons company he co-founded a year and a half ago. Last year they went to Koh Samui in Thailand and this year they decided to go to Bali in Indonesia. They rented out a beautiful villa in Seminyak, bought flight tickets to all of their employees and spent the whole month living, working and having fun together. Jacob: “I remember when I started traveling around Asia alone I did not have much prior traveling experience. I did 5 countries in 3 months and it was one of the best times of my life.”

Every time he comes to Bali it absolutely feels like home. The first few days Jacob usually can’t stop smiling, since everything is very exciting: the food, the culture, the people, the scenery, Temples, roads and rice fields. Almost every day he’d be driving his motorbike around the island exploring everything he found interesting. He’d come back home just before the midnight, completely exhausted, sun-burned and tired, but happy at the same time because of all the things he has seen and experienced. Jacob can’t wait to come back to Bali next year and finally become fluent in Bahasa Indonesia!

The highlight of hus  trip was standing on the top of Mount Agung at 3150 meters above sea level after 6 hours of excruciating hike. At that point Jacob felt adrenaline rushing through his body and was very happy he managed to climb all the way to the top despite his shoes being completely not up to the task.

If Jacob could do this trip all over again he doesn’t do anything differently. Maybe just come for a bit longer, because even though you can see quite a bit in a month, there will still be tons of events to attend, restaurants to go to, people to meet and things to learn. The next trip to Bali will last about 3 months. We’ll see Jacob.. !

If you would like to find more information about Jacob or his trip you can visit or his Instagram profile.


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