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Rent Airbnb apartment in Chiang Mai

In Chiang Mai I did a week of Muay Thai training again. After the week I wanted to relax, een streetfood and see more of the beautiful city Chiang Mai and do some SEO for my Travelblog. So I rented a Airbnb apartment in Chiang mai city. I found an Airbnb apartment next to a little market and the big MAYA shoppingmall.

This was the apartment in Chiang Mai I booked by Airbnb. “Airbnb Chiang Mai VP311“. The response time was realy fast. The owner (with badge superhost) reacts very fast and with proper English. A friend of him let me in and brought fresh towels. The apartment looked like a hotelroom. Even with some cold water, shampoo, showergel, conditioner and bodylotion. The owner of this apartment rents more apartments in Chiang Mai. From penthouses to small apartments.

Whats incl. the Airbnb apartment Chiang Mai

The apartment was 70m2, I had one big bed and several services like: Internet, Television, Shampoo, Airconditioning, Free parking, Wifi, Elevator and a Pool (50 baht)

Discount on a Airbnb apartment Chiang Mai

When you want discount you can get a $25 coupon for Airbnb here.

The neighbourhood of this Airbnb apartment in Chiang Mai

In the neighbourhood arround you’ll find a big shoppingmall with the name MAYA. Two minute walk from the building you can take a red taxi who bring you to the city for 20 baht (0.55 dollar).

Airport to the Airbnb apartment Chiang Mai

From the Airport you can take a white SUV with airco for 200 baht. (5.5 dollar) You can also go by red truck and will cost you like 40 baht.

Price of the Airbnb apartment Chiang Mai

I paid 14 euro a night ($16)

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