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Boattrip Sihanoukville

Nice to see on the Boattrip Sihanoukville is the Absinthe distillery on a tropical island.

We started our Boattrip Sihanoukville at Blame Canada beach bar at 10.30. It was a perfect time after a night out. There are different boattours from the beach but this one was nice! You’ll pay $15 for the whole day including a free shotgun beer and lunch.

Legends Boat Tours Sihanoukville

Legends Boat Tours is run by a group of South African (and one Canadian) lads and they frown on passengers that won’t make at least a little effort at both. The first event was a beer skulling contest. “Whoever beats me gets a free beer,” yelled one of the South African organisers. We tried our best, but when the South African tipped his head back, the can of beer was gone in seconds. No contest.

The first stop was goa snorkling at a little island in front of the coast. You’ll see some nice fishes and sea urchins. Near the coast is the best place to snorkle but watch out for the sea urchins!

Cliff diving Sihanoukville

The second stop was a cliff diving spot on Koh Ta Kiev. The cliff itself seemed about eight meters high and was shaped like an elephant. In the video you’ee see the cliff and the diving is was awesome.

Boat tour absinthe distillery Sihanoukville

The third stop was a beach. Almost at the absinthe distillery. The guys handed out awesome spicy tuna tomato baguettes for lunch. I love them wauw! Then it was relaxing time. Chill on the beach. Make some beautiful pictures with the white sand and blue water.

The distillery is located just metres off the beach in a amazing little jungle house. On the ground floor was the distillery itself. They explain the proces of making Absinthe and the difference between European Absinthe and this Asian Absinthe.

The Absinthe is made from local rice wine, instead of grape spirits favoured by European absinthe. An Asian touch that is simply easier to source, and organic.

On the first floor is the bar. You can try the Absinthe! When you want to try the real good Absinthe and you’re not affraid try the black version (85%) mixed with water but still strong! (they have also less stronger Absinthe so no worry)

The Absinthe is enough to make you sit back enjoy the bar perfectly. When you taste the Absinthe in this surrounding above the distillery, wauw! That’s special 🙂

After the group pictures we went back to see the amazing sunset on the beach. The whole day for $15.

Its totaly worth it!

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