Cheap bonfire meals in Australia
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Cheap bonfire meals in Australia

At a lot of places in Australia you can make bonfires! They are awesome to cook on!

Cheap bonfire meals in Australia

A really easy meal to cook in the bonfire is to have patato’s, bacon and unions in one wrap of aluminum foil. Get some pepper and salt to finish the dish and eat like a president! 😃
Cooking time will be around 45 minutes. Best way to cook them is on red hot ambers. (not in the flames)

Cheap bonfire meals in Australia

How to create you fire for a evening of bonfire meals!

Make sure you create a good fire and get some red hot ambers at one side of the barbecue/ bonfire. At the other side of the barbecue you can already create a fire to have some flames to create new red hot ambers for the next round!

Want to go crazy with stunning bonfire meals?

Buy some meat/chicken, vegetables (broccoli and capsicum), patato’s, unions, banana’s, chocolate and marshmallows.

Starter bonfire meal Australia (5 minutes)

Grill some pieces of bacon, vegetables and chicken on the flames. Probably the bacon has some fat parts. Use them and grill them together with some small pieces of chicken. Together it taste like heaven!

Ingredients starter bonfire meal

  • Fat parts of the bacon
  • Small pieces of chicken

Main meal bonfire (20/25 minutes)

Put some pieces of potato’s, chicken, vegetables and bacon together in one wrap. Put the meal on the red hot ambers of the bonfire. Turn the meal sometimes so every part gets cooked well.
After you get is out of the fire, put some pepper, salt and maybe cheese on it and you can enjoy your meal! If it is not enough, make another package 🙂

Ingredients main bonfire meal

  • Meat/ Chicken
  • Patato’s
  • Vegestables
  • Bacon
  • Cheese
  • Pepper and Salt

Cheap bonfire meals in Australia

My favorite dessert bonfire meal! (10/12 minutes)

Get a banana and cut it open at one side. Put on top of the banana some chocolate and marshmallows. Wrap the banana in the aluminum foil and put in on the red hot ambers. Wait for 10 minutes and check the banana.

If you don’t like the banana, you are a banana! 🙂

Cheap bonfire meals in Australia

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