Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree
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Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree – Warren National Park

Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree in Warren National Park is the tallest of the three fire lookouts trees that are open for public in the Pemberton Area. It was made in 1988 as a part of Australia’s bicentennial celebrations. With 65 meter the trees climb is one for adrenaline junkies. When you climb the 130 pegs and some stair steps you will be rewarded with a 360-degree view of the Karri forest and glimpses of the Teagarup Dunes and coast beyond.

Today me and my travel buddy Sonny did the climb. With no anchor line, the climb doesn’t feel that safe. But when you do it easy the climb will be ok. The way back is the difficult way because you have to know where you have to place your feet. Anyhow, Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree in Warren National Park is a experience I will never forget.

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Camp near Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree in Warren National Park

The costs of the entrance in Warren National Park is 12 dollar a vehicle. You can ride around for a day and climb the Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree. When you want to camp in Warren National Park it will cost 7,50 per person. We camped in Warren National Park at Drafty’s camp where they offer toilets, picknick tables and a nice kitchen with stove and bbq. From every campsite in the area there are tracks to the Warren River loop walk.

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