Free accommodation in Australia
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Free accommodation in Australia

In this blogpost I suggest five ways to get free accommodation in Australia. They say Australia is an expensive country. I think when you compare Australia with other western countries it is doable to travel. The best of the five free accommodation options is that you can find a regular job while you don’t have to spend much money! Check the options!

Free accomodation by Couchsurfing

When you have a couch surf profile you can ask people if you can stay at their place. You send people request for the sate you want to stay in the city. Couch surfing is a nice way to meet local people. On their profile you can also see what they like and sometimes hobbies so you can tell you more about that in the city you go. Make sure your couch surf profile is updatet.

Check the Couchsurfing website

Free accommodation by Woofing

Another way to get free accommodation in Australia is Woofing. You can create an account online for 70 AUS dollar. From that moment you get a 12 months permit to woof all over Australia. You have to work 4-6 hours a day and in trade of that you get meals and accommodation. Woofing is a nice way to learn more about the local people and create a network if you are looking for a regular job. When you signup you can choose between a book and the Woofing App. You search for a farm and call them or send an email to the farm if they can host you.

Check the Woofing website

Free accommodation by HelpX

With HelpX you will work for your accommodation and food as well. The only different with woofing is that this jobs doesn’t have to be organic and you don’t pay a fee to subscribe. You can do different kind of things. The website says thats the work hours are between 2 and 8 hours a day depends on the trade you make.

Check the HelpX website Australia

Free camping by Wikicamps

Wikicamps is a nice way to camp for free all over Australia. Its not free accommodation but you can buy a tent for 15 dollars at Kmart, air mattress is 12 dollar and a simple sleeping 15 dollar. The wikicamps are a collection of simple camping places near the road or in the nature. I slept on amazing spots for free!

Check the Wikicamps website

Free accommodation in Australia

Friends and family networks

Australian citizens are friendly and helpful. Sometimes even friends of friends want to help you. So when you know you go somewhere are your connections if they can help you to get some accommodation for some days. Maybe you can rent that room or apartment later when you found a job.

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