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Hike MonkTrail Chiang Mai

Looking for the monktrail in Chiang Mai and want to know everything about the hike before you start doing this amazing hike through the forest and see temples surrounded by nature?

How long is the Monktrail?

There are two parts of the Monktrail. From the start of the monk trail  to the Wat Pha Lat temple & waterfall and from Wat Pha Lat to Doi Suthep.

  1. The first part is around 1.6 kilometer and has a incline of 14% *
  2. The second part part is around 1.4 kilometer and has a incline of 19%
  3. Total of the monk trail (the part in the forest) is around 4 kilometer.
  4. If you want to go up to Doi Suthep it takes an extra 500 meter just following the road uphill.

Where to cross the road monktrail

Wat Pha Lat Monktrail

Wat Pha Lat Monktrail

When you’ve reached Wat Pha Lat temple. (see image) Take a break. After the break you keep walking stream upwards till you hit the road. Cross the road and walk left uphill. Just before the corner of the road you walk into the woods again, this 100/150 meter is probably the steepest of the walk. Below you see the trail under construction, when its finished I will add another picture.

where cross road monktrail

How long will it take to hike the monktrail

Somewhere between 1.5 and 2.5 hours to get from the bottom of the trail all the way up to the stairs of Doi Suthep

How does Path/trail/track of the Monktrail look like?

How hard is the Monktrail in Chiang Mai

Of course that is different for everyone. I think most people can do it. Most important thing, dont go to fast! I’ve seen quite unfit people climbing doing the monktrail nice and easy and they made it all the way up to Doi Suthep. Take some good breaks, enjoy the views & go on your own pace.

Where start the Monktrail hike in Chiang Mai

This image shows the location where the monk trail starts, you can park your motorbike here or get a drop of by a taxi. See also the exact location on the map and click on the link to get the exact start location of the monktrail.

Start of the monktrail


Click here for the Google Maps start point of the Monktrail in Chiang Mai

Tips for walking/hiking the monktrail

  1. Start early when its fresh
  2. Don’t start to fast
  3. Wear proper shoes, at least sneakers
  4. Go on your own pace
  5. Bring at least 1.5 liter water per person
  6. Take breaks
  7. Enjoy the walk!
  8. And enjoy the moment you made it to the top!

How to get down from the monktrail

There are a couple of ways to get down from Doi Suthep and the monktrail

  1. Walk down again same way as you came up
  2. Take a red truck down, depending on where you need to go its between 50 and 80 baht
  3. Take a grab back, its around 400-800 baht to get down. (depends very much on the time you order the Grab)

View Wat Pha Lat

Sunrise at Doi Suthep

Once I walked all the way up in the dark with a little headlight to see sunrise at Doi Suthep. That was a fun experience with a beautiful gift as you can see below! Tip. if the sun is behind the clouds with sunrise, wait till the sun shows itself. That can be magical!

sunrise doi suthep end monktrail

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