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Where to watch Sunset in Chiang Mai?

What are the best Sunset spots in Chiang Mai?

Where to watch sunset in Chiang Mai? That is what I Asked mysefl when living in Chiang Mai and saw some stunning sunsets from places I couldn’t see sunset properly. When you land on this page you probably have the same question what I had: What are the best sunset spots in Chiang Mai?

With this blog post I hope to give you some locations for sunset in and around Chiang Mai. These locations are my personal favorites and great to relax, or capture perfect sunset pictures. Check them out all but don’t miss my absolute favorite sunset spot in Chiang Mai at the bottom of the post <3

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List where to watch Sunset in Chiang Mai

Sunset on Doi Pui Viewpoint Chiang Mai

One of the most famous places to see sunset in Chiang Mai is the Doi Pui viewpoint. You can hike or cycle up to Doi Pui, take a Red Truck, Taxi or ride up yourself with a motorbike. When you’re a traveler and comfortable to rent a motorbike this is by far the easiest to get to the Doi Pui Viewpoint and see the sunset. As you don’t have to wait on anyone and get there on your own time plus you get the advantage to ride the beautiful road up yourself. Beside that its also a cheap option as the rest of the day you’ve the motorbike to explore more around Chiang Mai. One of my favorites is the one day Motorbik Loop near Chiang Mai named Samoeng Loop. Other great options when you’re at Doi Suthep already are hiking the Mt Doi Pui Track to the summit and visit the Hmong Village.

Pictures Sunset on Doi Pui

Click here for the exact sunset location in Google Maps

Sunset Rooftop Chiang Mai

When you want to see the sunset on a rooftop in Chiang Mai, Furama and the Rooftop of Maya mall are great option. Have a little bite and a drink while enjoying the sunset. Both places have fingerfood als a long list of drinks. Advantage of the Maya Mall rooftop is that they have multiple bars and restaurants so you can choose where you want to sit, drink and eat or extend your night for a little dance on the LIVE music.

Sunset on Hug Hostel Rooftop Chiang Mai

In my opinion the best Sunset for a backpacker is the rooftop of HUG hostel. As they have a nice place to sit a bar to drink and often een crowd to mingle with its a great place to spent the early evening. While making new friends and plans for the rest of the night you oversee the city with mountains and the Sunset in Chiang Mai you will remember. (if you don’t drink too much) Other great thing I experienced on a very clear evening was the full moon that showed up at the opposite side of the sun and was HUGE. From memory this was in December just before Christmas.

Pictures Sunset HUG Hostel Chiang Mai

Click here for the exact sunset location in Google Maps

My absolute Special Sunset tip for Chiang Mai

It is a little ride but by absolute favorite place to see the sunset is at the Samoeng Forest Lookout / Viewpoint. You can oversee the full Samoeng forest and see all the layers of mountains like in Bob Ross paintings. Photo’s say way more that 1000 words right?

Best Place Sunset Chiang Mai

Absolute unique Sunset in Chiang Mai

BUT if you’re really keen to have a unique experience you can see sunset here on this amazing place outside Chiang Mai City and spent the night in a cabin on a mountaintop. This experience will cost 2000 baht per 2 persons thats only 30 euro per person for a unique Sunset and Sunrise Experience <3

Click here for the exact sunset location in Google Maps

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What are your best sunset spots in Chiang Mai?

If you’ve more places people should check out the sunrise in Chiang Mai please leave them in the comments below.

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