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Ultimate Todo list & hidden gems Chiang Mai

Ultimate Todo list & hidden gems Chiang Mai based created while living in Chiang Mai to learn Muay Thai. My friends and I created this list for you with todo’s and hidden gems in Chiang Mai. Of course opinions are always different and if you’ve your favorite spots & activities in Chiang Mai please leave them in the comments as this will make the list more valuable for other travellers <3

When I star* a place or activity in the little lists below its my favorite of that specific list or a hidden gem in Chiang Mai.

I wish you an awesome time in beautiful Chiang Mai <3

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Action Sports in Chiang Mai


Elephant friendly park Chiang Mai

If you want to visit the elephants (in Chiang Mai or somewhere else in Asia) check the list of the World Animal Protection.

In Chiang Mai I’d like to recommend ChangChill Chiang Mai as elephant friendly park.

Best hostels in Chiang Mai

  • Hug Hostel* (great rooftop to connect with people)
  • Bodega (party hostel)
  • Alexa Hostel (Great location, relax atmosphere, sometimes live music)

Book them by booking with $15 off!

Hug Hostel Sunset Chiang Mai

Best Breakfast in Chiang Mai

Best Budget Hotels in Chiang Mai

Airbnb coupon code

Best vegetarian restaurants in Chiang Mai

Best local BBQ (chicken or fish) in Chiang Mai

Lert Ros BBQ Fish

My favourite coffee spots in Chiang Mai

Best coffee Chiang Mai

My favourite street food in Chiang Mai

My favourite Muay Thai in Chiang Mai


Digital Nomand workspaces in Chiang Mai

Working in cafe’s in Chiang Mai is also a nice way, as you can find your own perfect workspace. 

Visa options in Chiang Mai

Transport in Chiang Mai

Red truck Chiang Mai songthaews

Best places LIVE music in Chiang Mai

Best Thai Massage places in Chiang Mai

Best local markets in Chiang Mai

Best Ladyboyshows in Chiang Mai

Best ladyboy show Chiang Mai

Best one day pools in Chiang Mai

Fun activities in Chiang Mai

sunrise doi suthep end monktrail


Best Motorbike rental in Chiang Mai

Best tailors in Chiang Mai

Best rooftops in Chiang Mai

Best Foodcourts

Best nightlife / clubs / bars in Chiang Mai

Best Facebook Groups in Chiang Mai for events etc

Best nomad meetups in Chiang Mai

Best Shoppingmalls in Chiang Mai

Best motorbike trips Chiang Mai

  • Mae Hong Son motorbike loop Chiang Mai (3/4 days)
  • Samoeng motorbike loop Chiang Mai (1 day)
  • The Giant and hotsprings in Chiang Mai (1 day)

Like the Todo list & hidden gems Chiang Mai? <3

Don’t forget in Chiang Mai! 🙂

More tips for the todo list & hidden gems Chiang Mai?

Please leave them in the comments below to help other travellers.

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