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Motorbike roadtrip Vietnam stage 6

In stage six we rode from Nha Trang to Quy Nhon.

This ride took us 5 hours near the coast of Vietnam. It was a nice ride with beautiful views. The road was sometimes under repair. And You have dodge the potholes in the road. The fuel for this stage costs 60.000 VMD ($3).

Motorbike Roadtrip Vietnam

Video of roadtrip Vietnam stage 6

This part Vietnam Roadtrip on the map

Tips buy and ride a motorbike in Vietnam

Tips how to ride a motorbike in Vietnam
Tips how to buy a motorbike in Vietnam

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  • Dan Atkinson

    Myself and some friends are looking to do quy nhon to nha trang. Which motorbike company did you use?

    • Paul

      Hi Dan, we bought our own motorbikes. I recommend to ask your question in a backpacker Facebook group of Vietnam šŸ™‚ That probably will work Have fun in Vietnam!

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