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Motorbike roadtrip Vietnam stage 10

In stage nine we rode from Ba Don to Yen Cat.

This morning we got up at 6.30 and were on the motorbike at 6.45. The first few hours we rode in the fog. The views were magical. The fog and the mountains are a good combination. For the first time in vietnam we had to wait for a train. For breakfast we had a beef noodlesoup. When you do your roadtrip make a list of things you want to eat and translate that. Or just go and see what the can offer you. They don’t speak English in the little villages. After breakfast the we saw the sun and we got into the mountains with amazing views.

We shot some pictures and enjoyed the ride. At 11.00 I got my first flat tire. The tube was badly damaged so I needed a new one. ($4) At 13.00 I had my second flat tire (little nail in my tire) After the quick fix we followed our route and at 15.00 on a really bumpy road I broke my rack for my backpack. So I tied my backpack more on my seat than on my rack to prevent loosing my rack at all. We looked for a hotel and found one in Yen Cat 16.00 for $4 each. Went to the mechanic to fix my bike, had a great dinner and went straight to bed. Tomorrow probably the final stage to Hanoi!

I look forward to that. One of my dreams this trip, to ride my motorbike from south to north Vietnam!

Photos of roadtrip Vietnam stage 10

Video of roadtrip Vietnam stage 10

This part Vietnam Roadtrip on the map

Tips buy and ride a motorbike in Vietnam

Tips how to ride a motorbike in Vietnam
Tips how to buy a motorbike in Vietnam

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