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Motorbike roadtrip Vietnam stage 1

Get out of Ho Chi Minh to the Cu Chi Tunnels!

I had never ride a real motor bike before. So my Kiwi friend Ryan learned me the evening before we left Ho Chi Minh. We practiced how to shift the gears and make speed with the motor bike. After 20 minutes I was ready to make a little round on the road. I did this in the late evening so the road wasn’t that busy. (but still busy lol)

On my motorbike trough Ho Chi Minh

The next morning we prepared our bikes and route to go to the Cu Chi Tunnels. It was a hectic ride but we survived without any accidents.

Video motorbike Ho Chi Minh

This part Vietnam Roadtrip on the map

Tips buy and ride a motorbike in Vietnam

Tips how to ride a motorbike in Vietnam
Tips how to buy a motorbike in Vietnam

Look at the stages from our motorbike roadtrip trough Vietnam

Roadtrip stage 1: Get out of Ho Chi Minh
Roadtrip stage 2: Cu Chi to Vinh An
Roadtrip stage 3: Vinh an to Mui Ne
Roadtrip stage 4: Mui Ne to Dalat
Roadtrip stage 5: Dalat to Nha Trang
Roadtrip stage 6: Nha Trang to Quy Nhon
Roadtrip stage 7: Quy Nhon to Hoi An
Roadtrip stage 8: Hoi An to Dong Ha
Roadtrip stage 9: Dong Ha to Ba Don
Roadtrip stage 10: Ba Don to Yen Cat
Roadtrip stage 11: Yen Cat to the finish in Hanoi!

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  • Chris

    Hiya myself and a friend are doing a 3 week trip from Ho chi min to Hanoi on motorbikes and just wondered what you found the best way to get a bike and what is the average price we will expect to pay? Any information will be greatly appreciated.

    • Paul

      Hi Chris,

      Depends on what kind of bike but 250 US you can have a nice one. Best is to but from backpackers who have to sell. Check hostels for flyers of motorbikes and gumtree etc. And to the local shops šŸ™‚ Three weeks is short but you can make it. Make sure you rest enough and keep safe. Cheers!

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