Best campingspots Australia
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Best camping spots Australia

On our 17000 km roadtrip through Australia we saw a lot of camping grounds. Most of them were free some were paid. Sometimes it was just a 10KM furter drive to save 80 dollar a night! I selected my best camping spots Australia for you. Let’s help each other. If you have awesome spots to share, leave a comment! šŸ™‚

Oh the one in the picture on top of this article didn’t make it in the top 10 šŸ˜€

How can I find those awesome campgrounds?
Wikicamps is an awesome app! When you have wikicamps app to discover free and affordable campgrounds all over Australia. Just search for the names of these campgrounds in the app and you will have some awesome nights!.

Best camping spots Australia Wikicamps

10 Lochiel North Rest Area (Pink lake)
This free rest area has picknicktables and a view over the Pink Lake. When you are lucky you can get a stunning sunrise from your tent!

9 Barnett river Gorge (Gibb river road)
Awesome quiet undisovered campground with the Barnett river gorge (7 meter wide gorge) on 500 meter where you can take a bath (don’t use soap) In the picture below you see Bell gorge, an awesome place to take a swim and not far from Barnett river gorge (145km so don’t skip that one when you do the Gibb River Road!)

Best camping spots Australia

8 Narrung Jetty Reserve
Perfect campground with a nice sunset on the lake. On the jetty you can find some wild pelicans. The campground has nice new toilets an even toilets for disabled people.

7 Surry ridge camp ground (Cobboboonee National Park)
This campground in the middle of the park is a nice spot with firepitches. In the afternoon and morning you can see Walibies on this campground looking for food. When you want to walk, there is a nice small loop or a real hike to other campgrounds in the area.

6 Fitzgerald bay bushcamp
This free campground in Fitzgerald bay has an awesome view over the bay. This campground provides toilets and drinking water.

Top 5 Best camping spots Australia

5 Selby hills gravel pit (Tanami road)
When you do the Tanami road this campground is a perfect spot to stop. You can watch sunset and sunrise on the hill. Or just check sunrise from your tent. The next morning you can go on an easy pace to the gasstation 40km. (Horrible road)

4 Drafty’s Camp (Warren National Park)
This campground you can find in In the middle of Warren National Park. Has a stunning, campkitchen and provides firewood to cook on. When you are looking for some adrenaline go for the 65 meter high Dave Evans bicentennial tree!

3 Mikkira campground
This place definatly deserves a place in the top 3. The grassfield is awesome to camp, you can make a bonfire and see the sunset and sunrise with kangaroos. But the best about this place are the koala’s all over the place! Do you see this picture below? Just 5 meters from my tent!

2 Fowlers bay (sand dunes)
The best milkyway I ever saw was at this stunning campspot. We were alone camping in the sanddunes. On the sanddunes you can see sunset over land and sunrise over the sea.

1 Uluru free campground
The best campground was the free campspot at Uluru. From our spot (only 10km from Uluru-Kata-Tjuta National Park) we could see sunrise and sunset on Uluru! When you park your tent at the right spot you can see it from your tent! Click here for more info about the free campingspot at Uluru.

Do I need to say more?!

Best campspots Australia

Help other to find the best camping spots in Australia

Lets help eachother and share your favorite campground in Australia! Suggestions:
Little descirption, name of the campground on Wikicamps and address or coordinates? šŸ™‚
Leave a comment!

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