Driving tanami road
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Driving the Tanami Road

On our way from the Gibb River Road to Alice Springs we decided to do the Tanami Road. The Tanami Road is an 1077 long road. 753 kilometer of the Tanami Road is unsealed. The daily traffic is ca. 166 vehicles a day.

Gasstation Tanami Road

Take is easy on the Tanami Road

The Tanami Road is famous about his long offroad parts in the middle of the dessert. Along the Tanami Road you will see many broken cars! Just make sure you drive safe and think about yourself and your car.

Driving the Tanami road

Camping Tanami Road

We camped on awesome spots near the Tanami Road. The campingspot was just accros the entrance road (37km) of the Balgo gasstation. You can have an amazing sunset on the mountain beside the spot. When you put your tent with the window to the opposite side you can watch an amazing sunrise as well!

Camping Tanami Road

Camping Tanami Road

Camping Tanami Road

Wolfe Creek Crater

On 137km on the Tanami Road you can find the Wolfe Creek Meteorite crater. (Entrance road is 23km to the crater) The Wolfe Creek Meteorite crater is the second largest Meteorite crater in the world! The Wolfe Creek Meteorite crater formed 300.000 years ago and had a dept of 120 meter. Now the Wolfe Creek Meteorite crater is still 60 meter deep and has a diameter of 880 meter.

Camping Wolfe Creek Crater

Camp near the Wolfe Creek Crater

It is possible to camp near the Wolfe Creek Crater. You pay $7 a person and will be on 400 meter from the Wolfe Creek Crater.

Gasstations Tanami Road

We filled up our car at the Balgo gasstation. (Open mon-fri 9am-12noon and 2pm-4pm Sat 9am till 12noon) You have to pay there with card. The road to Balgo gasstation is horrible. Drive slow and take your time before you destroy your car.

Gasstation Tanami Road

Other gasstations you can find along the Tanami Road are Billiluna, Yeandumu and Tilmouth Well. Before you go on the Tanami Road always check which gasstations are open and consider to take extra petrol.

Offroad in Australia

If you like offroad riding check the Gibb River Road! Love to camp on beautiful spots? Check the top 10 campingspots in Australia.

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