Costs roadtrip Australia
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Costs roadtrip Australia

What cost a road trip in Australia? One of the questions I had before I went on a road trip. In this blog post, I will be open about our costs on our road trip of 7 weeks with four people. I was happy surprised about the total costs. Prices for this road trip through Australia are in the Australian dollar.

Costs roadtrip Australia

Main costs road trip Australia

Bought a car and sold it for the same price. Invested 4000 AUS dollar.
First costs 636 AUS dollar Maintenaince car (new tires)

Buy and sell car in Australia

One of us bought a car in Australia and Invested 4000 dollar. The car needed new tires (we shared the costs) for this road trip and the offroad parts we wanted to do. (Tanami road and Gibb river road)

Camping gear costs road trip Australia

We bought tents ($15 each), air matresses($12 each), sleeping bags($12 each) and kitchen stuff (stoof $5 each) at K-Mart, Ikea and target. In total, we spent $200 on camping gear for this roadtrip. You can also check gumtree for used camping gear for better prices.

Petrol costs on our Australian Roadtrip

The most on this road trip we paid for the fuel. In total, we paid 3000 AUS dollar for 17000KM. You can have prices from $1 a liter but we’ve seen prices of $2.15 for a liter of unleaded.

Food costs road trip Australia

In total, we paid 1200 for food on this road trip. We made some cheap meals of spaghetti and rice but treated ourselves with Mc Donalds make your own salads, some big steaks from the bbq and 5 dollar pizzas at Domino’s. Check our tips for cheap meals in Australia. My favorite: Spaghetti, Tuna and Pesto šŸ˜€ Click here for cheap backpacker meals in Australia or go for cheap bonfire meals in Australia.

Camping costs road trip Australia

We paid in seven weeks 900 AUS on camping costs. Most of our campground were free we choose for paid campings because of the showers or of they were in National Parks. In bigger cities (Perth and Broome) we had an Airbnb so we could upload pictures do laundry etc. (get your Airbnb discount code here)

Best camping APP Australia!
Check here the best camping app to save heaps of money on your road trip! Yes, we could camp for free at Uluru check the link!

Costs National Parks entrance

We paid 230 AUS dollar on the entrances National Parks fees.

TIP: Later we discovered that you can have annual passes for whole states. It could save us in West Australia at least 75 AUS dollar.

Costs activities on our road trip

We did different tours and activities on our road trip. Went hiking and swimming in nature so that was included in the National Park fees. Went on a mine tour in Tom Price for $33 a person and a did the Glassboat Snorkeling tour in Coral bay for 57 AUS dollar a person.

You can go crazy on activities. Example: if you want and pay more than 2000 for a flight over the horizontal waterfalls your roadtrip will be a little more expensive šŸ˜‰

But climb this Dave Evans bicentennial tree below was free! same for the stunning hikes, beaches, waterfalls and sunsets.

Alcohol roadtrip Australia

We bought our own alcohol on our roadtrip. Same as the activities you can just as crazy as you want so I will keep it out of the main costs.

List of costs roadtrip Australia per category

  • $636 Maintenaince
  • $200 camping gear
  • $3000 fuel
  • $1200 food
  • $900 camping
  • $230 National Park fees

Total costs Australian Road trip per person

6166 AUS dollar = 1541.5 a person
29.10 dollar per person a day

What is that in Euro an USD?
993.5 euro in total and 18.75 euro a day
1123 USD in total and $21.20 USD a day

Note: If you want to go slow and cheap you can eat and sleep from 7.5 dollar a day.

Do you have any tips? Help each other in the comments! šŸ™‚

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  • Charlotte

    From where to where did you travel?

    • Paul

      Melbourne -> Great ocean road -> Southcoast to Margaret River -> up to Perth -> Coral Bay -> Broome -> Alice Springs -> Grampians -> Melbourne šŸ™‚

  • Reply

    Wow Paul! I thought Australia was quite expensive but I see that you can do it on a budget as well, cool! šŸ™‚

    • Paul

      Hi Jessica,

      Yes, it’s how you travel! You can do awesome things on a good budget. Of course, you can go crazy with trips and parties. But you can do that everywhere. Thnx for your comments Jessica!

  • Nicole

    Hey, great article!
    Can you remember where you bought the sleepingbags for $12?

    • Paul

      Hi Nicole, thank for your comment! We bought the sleeping bags at K-Mart. Target and Big W are also cheap stores for that kind of stuff šŸ™‚ Got a very thin one for $12 and a thicker one for $15. Depends where you go and how cold it is šŸ™‚

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