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Free camping at Uluru

Free camping at Uluru (Ayers Rock) on the best spot in Australia? Go to this free campingspot 10km from the Uluru Park. When you camp on this free camping spot you can see Uluru every time of the day for sunrise, for sunset and that all from you tent! See the article to find out more!

Soon I will write an article off the 10 best camping spots in Australia I’ve visited!

Free camping sunrise Uluru

Free camping Uluru / Ayers Rock

Free camping sunset Uluru

Free camping Uluru

If you are on top of the dune you can see Uluru, the Olga’s and the sunset. In the morning you can see the sunrise on Uluru from you tent!

Timelapse sunrise Uluru free campingspot

This video is a short impression of the sunrise at Uluru just in front of my tent.

Best evenings at our free camping spot Uluru

Home brewed beers and bonfire after sunset!

Free camping Uluru Ayers Rock

How to get to the free camp spot

– Thereโ€™s a large sign saying no trespassing on the aboriginal land right at the start of the road here now. So it looks like this free camping place isn’t available anymore –
Get the app Wikicamps and look for the campground “Uluru by sunrise”. Next to the road you will find an good campspot for caravans, normal vans and simple 2WD cars. Otherwise lookup the coordinates on Google Maps: -25.221667 131.043611

Get to the BEST free camping spot at Uluru!

Take the road through the camping and ride for ca 3km. On the moment you think, when will the place show up. You are there. You will find three sanddunes to stand on both ca 5 min drive after each other.

When you have an 4WD car and you not go here, you have to check your head by the doctor!

Location free camping spot Uluru

Entrance free camping spot at Uluru!

Free camping Uluru

Satellite free camping spot at Uluru!

Free camping Uluru


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  • dazzer

    can you still free camp at Uluru October 2019

  • Veronika

    There’s a large sign saying no trespassing on the aboriginal land right at the start of the road here now.
    Perhaps it’s new, but I’d respect that.

  • Brett

    Great to know it’s there, planning a visit to Uluru in the future. Prefer a free camp. However, from the photo, appears a 4WD is simply not needed.. you’d get in there in an old Mini.. lol. If you believe a dirt road is for 4WD’s only, you ain’t traveled enough! Lol

  • Michelle

    Just found this, your directions are excellent! However, the road is currently very clearly marked as no tresspassing. Perhaps that’s why it’s not available to see on Wiki Camps. Glad you were able to experience this though, looks like a wonderful place to watch the sunrise ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jodie

    Hi is this spot stilll available ? Iโ€™ve read some free camps are now illegal ?

  • Jake

    Hi, I have downloaded the app but Uluru by sunrise cannot be found. Is it still available if so where about is it?

    • Paul

      Hi Jake, I just checked and can still find the spot “Uluru by sunrise” in the WIkiCamps App. Did you clear your filters?

      • Amanda

        I cannot get this on Wikicamps either and have cleared my filters

        • Paul

          Hi Amanda and Martin, after some search work I added the coordinates on the maps ๐Ÿ™‚ as well the screenshots on the satellite Google Maps.
          You can use those as guidance. I’m not sure if its still possible to camp on the exact same spot but I think worth a try otherwise camp on the spot near the road and just for for sunset and sunrise to Uluru. Only a 10 KM drive ๐Ÿ˜€

          Let me know how you go!

    • Martin

      Hi Jake, did you find it? It happened the same to you. I donwload the app just for this and canโ€™t be found. So dissapointed.

  • Frank

    Did you need a 4WD or is it fairly easy to access whithout one?


    • Paul

      Hi Frank, I won’t recommend riding this far into the field but you can camp near the road and walk to the campground on the hill. Or just go there with sunset / sunrise to see ayers Rock.

  • Heather

    Hi there,

    Thank you so much for your info. I’m working at the travel agent and working on making a tour from Perth to Uluru by a car. You’ve been really helpful!!

  • Fernanda

    I’m very interested to do a free Camping near the Uluru. How did you do this? Do i Need i Special permission or is it forbidden? Are there poisonous animals and how did you plan your stay?

    It would be sooo nice to hear from you! I’m very fascinated of the way you did this and i dont wanna pay 40 Dollars per night in the Official Camp Site just to stay with my own tent there..

    Thank you so much.

    Lovely greetings

    • Paul

      Hi Fernanda,

      Thank you for your question. The best thing you can do is check the Wikicamps App ๐Ÿ™‚ There you can check free campsites Also in the description of this article you will find a link to the Wikicamps APP. Have a great day! Enjoy camping in Australia.

      I don’t know if there are poison animals there, probably a couple but we made a big fire in the evening and closed our tents during the night.

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