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Power of Facebook Travel groups

In this blogpost I’ll show you some cases with the power of Facebook Travel groups. Start join groups today and let the information and inspiration come to you. Sometimes a question can save a life!

When you start making travelplans probably you dont know much about the place you want to go. When you start follow Facebook Travel groups about your destination the information will come to you. Other people ask questions you never thought of or you discover places you never thought of.

The power of Facebook Travel groups

The power of Facebook groups is helping each other. From small things to even big issues. Don’t be afraid to ask a question. People like to help you! Some groups have over 40.000 members, so always someone who can an will help you.

The Facebook Travel groups I follow at the moment

South East Asia Backpacking
South-East Asia Backpacking
Flashpacking Asia

Australia Rideshares for Backpackers
Australia Backpackers
Australia Network Backpackers

The power of Facebook Travel groups

I follow a couple of Facebook groups for Asia and Australia. On the 10 of januari I saw a message in every Asia group about a Lucy. She had a accident and needed blood. But the hospital didn’t had enough blood.

Her friend Darren wrote a message and asked people with the rare blood type (negative) to donate blood in the hospital in Chiang Mai. Less than 1% of the Thai people has a negative blood type. Travelers reacted awesome! Sharing the message, tag traveling friends nearby and donate blood themselves.

The message was shared over 40.000 times in 6 hours. In total the message was shared over 250.000 times! Lucy is out of immediate danger and still in Thailand to recover more before she can go back to the UK.

Facebook travel groups

Source: Metro.co.uk

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    When I was in Australia I found a job through a page. Haven’t really found a decent Facebook page for Canada…
    And amazing how travelers can help each other like that. Happy to hear she is doing okay.

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