Bike trough Swiss
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BINGO, my legs are exploded

Update #tourdupisa: goal of today Altdorf. I started slow because there are some real mountains in this stage. That clubs started after the picture with the thumb at the lake 😉 Till Altdorf is quite hard because of the climbs but i thought i could climb a little further to Andermatt. I used my GPS to check how long the climb would take $%^&*( and played the Maarten Ducrot BINGO in real life: „with my tong on the road”, Get this guy to his room ad bring him oxygen, From top to tow damaged, Tonight they can sweep the room with that guy.

At that moment BINGO!

I allready reached Wassen so that was nice. Tommorow a 12km climb to Andermatt. I booked a hostel for two days so i can enjoy the nice views and region. I don’t have any words more only pictures.

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