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BINGO, my legs are exploded

Update #tourdupisa: goal of today Altdorf. I started slow because there are some real mountains in this stage. That clubs started after the picture with the thumb at the lake ๐Ÿ˜‰ Till Altdorf is quite hard because of the climbs but i thought i could climb a little further to Andermatt. I used my GPS to check how long the climb would take $%^&*( and played the Maarten Ducrot BINGO in real life: โ€žwith my tong on the roadโ€, Get this guy to his room ad bring him oxygen, From top to tow damaged, Tonight they can sweep the room with that guy.

At that moment BINGO!

I allready reached Wassen so that was nice. Tommorow a 12km climb to Andermatt. I booked a hostel for two days so i can enjoy the nice views and region. I donโ€™t have any words more only pictures.

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