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Hiking in Karijini National park

Hiking in Karijini National park is one of the most beautiful things we did on our roadtrip so far! Last two days we spent in the Karijini National park hiking and swimming in pools near the waterfalls. We camped in the national park and from there we did different hikes.

Visitor centre Karijini National park

At the Visitor centre you can get information about the park, little shop and museum. You can get untreated water and trow away your rubbish. At the Karijini National park visitor centre they have a phone an maps for every route that is available.

Hike Karijini national park

Photo’s Karijini National park

Camping costs Karijini National park (Dales campground)

When you wan to camp in Karijini National park you have to pay the entrance fee of 12 AUS dollar per vehicle. For adults its 10 dollar a person and 2.5 dollar for childs.

Video hiking Karijini National Park

Hiking in Karijini National park

In Karijini National park you can hike to beautiful lookouts, waterfalls and swim in the pool down the waterfalls. The hikes have different levels. From class 2 till class 5. The hikes at Karijini National park have different time indications from 10 minutes till 6 hours return. (Times can different, accordeons to your hiking skills and weather conditions) Every hike has good signs and nice scenery. Check the pictures!

Swimming in Karijini National park

When you do a hike it is nice to Bring your towel, enough water and some lunch. You can take a dip in one of the nice pools. They are refresssing after a hike.

Karijini National park

Location Karijini National park

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