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Luxury Hostel Chiang Mai

Last three weeks I was training Muay Thai at Santai Muay Thai Gym in Chiang Mai. Training in an authentic Gym is an amazing experience but also exhausting. After the 3 weeks I treated myself to two nice luxury hostels with a private room. First I slept two nights at Oxotel hostel close to the famous Chiang Mai Saturday Night Market and moved after to Trace Hotelistro because they serve amazing Acai Bowl and Cocktails in a unique location.

Oxotel Chiang Mai

Hostel Chiang MaiIf you want to stay in a hostel but the comfort of a private room Oxotel can be an awesome place to stay. Its a bright place with Unique open character. It really has the standards of a western hostel/hotel. There are 3 floors with private rooms and bunk beds. Clean shared bathrooms and the staff is shy but very friendly! When you look at the Oxotel they really put In effort and look close to details. From the rooms to the breakfast and from check-in to check-out its tidy and well organised. This is a hostel you can go with friends or family I’m sure you will have a good time.

Handy in your room
Ever heard about Handy? Its a connecting device so you always have a phone, internet connection and travel-guide in the city. This allows you to explore and enjoy the city at the best level as possible without worrying that you will get lost.

  • Free Local Calls
  • Free International Calls
  • Free 3G/4G Internet Connection
  • City Guide Content (English)
  • Virtual Room-to-Room Extension

Move to Trace Hotelistro

Before moving to Oxotel I didn’t know about Trace Hotelistro. I heard the story and on my way finding unique hostels I decided to book one night at Trace. In my opinion they have two unique points. The old building combined with modern architecture and the cocktails. Also here they have very friendly staff that is always willing to help you. I booked a small room with double bed. In trace you can also see that they have ye for detail. The bathroom and common area are my favourites. See on the pictures why. All well designed.

Trace Hostel Chiang Mai

Trace and their cocktails

When is discovered the cocktail menu at trace I was quite surprised. Normal on a Thai menu cart you see almost every drink you can think of. This menu cart only had 6 special cocktails and 6 other mixed drinks. Me and my friends decided to try all of the cocktails and were happy surprised! From unique Thai whisky made of herbs and flowers to fruity cocktails, they are on the menu.

Trace Hostel Chiang Mai

Live music at Trace

Another unique thing about trace is the Bistro downstairs. It has live music in a unique building. It felt a little bit Mediterranean to me sitting outside at the end of a little alley with greens parts on the background. When its nice weather its great to sit outside and have drink. I think this is a unique place to surprise your date on a night out.

Practical things I like

  • Oxotel you get a Handy in your room
  • Checkin is very easy with the 24 hr reception
  • Safe hostels with passes or keys for gate and rooms
  • Aircon was nice a quiet
  • The curtains will block sunlight for a good night of sleep
  • Oxotel had a good breakfast Trace offers very nice Acaii bowls
  • Trace is very close to the Nightbazaar in Chiang Mai

Feel free to check both hostels Oxotel and Trace Hotelistro, maybe add them to your shortlist when you go to Chiang Mai!

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