Killing fields Cambodia
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The Killingfields Phnom Penh

Tip: Do the audio tour. Its $6 and with it! They have a lot of languages.

Yesterday it was the most depressing day of my trip so far. In the ’70’s (’75 till ’79) one out of four Cambodians where killed by the Khmer Rouge. There are more than 20.00 mass graves in Cambodia and two million people out of a population of 8 million where killed. The rest of the world didn’t know whats going on on that moment. It was hard to see al the pictures of the killing fields and bones and clothers everywhere. They are still in the ground and you can see them. When it is raining they will come up to the surface.

The big tower with al skulls that looks so unreal! They didn’t kill them with bullets because they where to expensive. So with wooden sticks, iron sticks machetes etc. You can imagine how hard it is for the Cambodian people. Everybody knows someone who’s killed by the regime of Pol Pot. (Red Khmer)

Tree in the killing fields

If you can’t handle realy depressing stories stop reading here and don’t read the text in the image below!

The most depressing was a tree. Just a “normal” tree in a field. But when you do the audio tour you know what happened over there. They smashed baby’s on that tree an trow them into the graves.

Killing fields Cambodia

After the killing fields we saw the killing fields museum and the movie. Its so unreal this happened just 40 years ago.

Prison S21 Phnom Penh

After the killing fields we went to the S21 prison in Phnom Penh. Its is insane what the regime did. They killed all the educated people and let the others work on the land. They had to work will they die. Not much food or rest at all.

In the prison S21 the people had to make fake confessions so the regime could torture them. The pictures of the prisoners in the S21 prison are insane. They way they treated people as animals its impressive (depressing) to see.

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