Long Beach Koh Rong
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Koh Rong island Cambodia

Important note for Koh Rong island Cambodia

No ATM on Koh Rong

It is good to know that there is no ATM on Koh Rong. So bring enough money to live there 🙂

Boat to Ko Rong

In every tour office in Sihanouksville you can book your boat to Koh Rong.

Vibe on Koh Rong

The island Koh Rong in Cambodia is amazing in every single way. The nature and beaches are beautiful and the people do everything to make you happy. There are party’s on Koh Rong but also quiet places to chill. The community of Koh Rong works together. For example when they don’t have something you need they say where you can find it in stead of say we have it tomorrow. That happened a lot and makes the vibe on Koh Rong so nice.

Hostels on Koh Rong

The most hostels on Koh Rong you can’t find online. Because they had a lot of people who won’t show up. So Just go there and find you’re accommodation. When you’re there you’ll get of the pier and see all the advertising for rooms. I was there in high season and it was easy to get a drops room or private room. The price range is from 5 dollar for a drop room to 100 dollar for a private bungalow in a resort with everything in it. I stayed at Bunna’s place ($5) to party. And later at Vagabonds ($18 incl. 4 drinks a day) in a private double room to relax.

Lockers Koh Rong

A lot of dorms on Koh Rong don’t have lockers. You can put you’re valuables being the bar in the safe or rent a lockers at coco’s bungalows. That is two dollar a day and they will close the locker room at night. (Its the best to bring your own lock)

Long Beach Koh Rong

This beach is amazing! See the picture on top of this article. From the “strip” at Koh Rong it is a 45 min. hike through the jungle. When you’re lucky you’ll see some monkeys on you’re way to the beach. On Long Beach you can see the sunset as well. After sunset you can sleep on the beach, hike back (use a flashlight!) or take the boat. (3 to 5 dollar a person)

Boattour Koh Rong

On Koh Rong there are different boat tours to do and free beers included. You will go snorkling, fishing and bbq you’re own fish at long beach. The boat tour is 10 dollar a person. I went on the boat of Bunna’s place. There is a real party with music & beers.

Koh Rong Cambodia

Power off Koh Rong

Everyday between 11.00 and 13.00 the power is off on this part of the island. In some hostels the power is also of from 2.00 till 8.00.

Food on Koh Rong

You can live very cheap on Koh Rong. A normal day I spend not much on food. You can get a baguette fried egg or tuna, noodle soup or rice chicken for $1. Fried noodles and fried rice for $2. Real nice thai food for $3 and seafood plates for $5 including a drink. Beer will costs $1 in the party area and 0.75 in the little markets. Every evening is happy hours and you can drink cocktails 2 for 1.
Koh Rong Cambodia

Drugs on Koh Rong

On Koh Rong you can find a lot of drugs. But the most usual is weed. Some of the hostels also sell happy cookies (Vagabonds) or Happy Brownies (Mango’s).

Last tip, watch out this island catch you. I was planned to stay there 5 days. I stayed 10.

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