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Personal driver Bali

Are you looking for a personal driver in Bali? I’d love to introduce you to my favorite personal driver in Bali: Nengah Suartana.

Personal driver bali

About trip with the driver in Bali

I traveled Bali with my mom and sister and hired Nengah as our personal driver 4 times in 3 weeks. Nengah was always one time, drove properly and without risks. I hired Nengah to pick us up from the airport and bring us to Uluwatu. This way we could escape the negotiations with drivers on the airport as Grab or Go-Jek are not everywhere aloud in Bali.

Beside Nengah drove my my mom and sister us he also drove my friend Sanne de Groot from Melbourne:

Nengah is a very nice and good personal driver, I hired him twice to get from Kuta to Ubud and from Ubud to Seminyak. Getting a driver is so much easier and faster than a bus. Yes you will pay a little more but definitely worth it.

Sanne – Dutchies Travel Dairy

Also my Dutch friend Elke and her family used Nengah’s services as their personal driver on Bali! A photo says more than 1000 words.

Best Personal driver Bali


Contact personal driver Bali

If you want to connect with Nengah just send him a message on WhatsApp 🙂

Tip: make sure you contact Nengah in advance about your trip as he can be busy.

Personal driver Nengah

Best Personal driver Bali

Nengah is very kind and respectful and takes his job serious. As all other drivers will try to bring you to a place where they get commission or a free meal (you don’t pay more) but if you have your own itinerary he is totally fine with that. His car (Toyota) has airconditioning, up for 3/4 persons (3 comfortable) was always clean and well prepared for the ride. Never had to get gas or extra stops for himself.

Cost for personal driver Bali

For a 8 hr day you pay between 500K and 750K IDR for a personal driver in Bali
This is including stops and petrol
When you stop somewhere Nengah is waiting for you and ready to go when you are.

Tour with personal driver tour Bali

When you know what you want to see in Bali just send the driver your itinerary and he will make a price for you depending on the kilometers and time of driving. For us taking the tour with a personal driver was definitely the best option traveling and seeing Bali in a short time.

Tip personal driver Bali: Combine traveling with sightseeing. We had a ride from Uluwatu to Ubud and on the way we stopped at highlights, with a personal driver you’re able to combine the ride from city to city with sightseeing and stop where ever you like. Same we did from Ubud to Sanur and visited a waterfall and “Mother temple” Besakih Temple on our way.

If you’ve more questions about our personal driver in Bali don’t be shy and send me a message.

Hope you will have a great time like my sister, mom and I did <3


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