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The most beautiful places to watch the sunrise or sunset

{GUESTBLOG by Jantien} Sometimes a beautiful sunset is all you need to get that holiday feeling. Staring at the orange pink sky, just doing nothing. I love it. That’s why I want to share my favorite spots to watch the sunrise and sunset.

Koh Tao Thailand

Koh Tao is one of my favorite islands in Thailand and it’s also on my list with most beautiful holiday destinations. This is the place to sit back and relax, grab a beer and watch the sun set in the sea. It’s not getting any better than this.

Sunset Thailand

Grand Canyon National Park USA

Grand Canyon is huge and impressive. It already to my breath away during the day time. Can you image watching the sunrise over these amazing canyons. One of the best things I did so for. Make sure you are on time, because it can go very quick and you absolutely don’t want to miss a minute. Planning to go on a roadtrip and visit the Grand Canyon. Here tips and a route for the Westcoast of Amerika.

Canyon sunrise

Cape town South Africa

In Cape town you will definitely be seeing one of the most beautiful sunsets ever. It’s amazing to watch the sun set in the sea and coloring the gorgeous Lions Head. You can also drive up to Blouberg beach to watch the Table Mountain turn orange. Here you read more tips for Cape Town.

Sunset Zuid Afrika

Hikkaduwa Sri Lanka

Hikkaduwa isn’t the most popular beach in Sri Lanka, but it definitely is a great place to watch the sunset. The beach is never ending and perfect for an evening stroll while you enjoy the sky turning pink.


Western Australia (Broome)

To be honest, I can’t pick a single spot in Western Australia that isn’t perfect for watching the sunset. The whole coastline is picture perfect and I think I saw an amazing sunset every night. The most popular spot is definitely cable beach at Broome. You can even ride on a camel while watching the sunset. My personal favorite was this free camp spot near Kalbarri.

Angkor Watt Cambodja

Most people go to Angkor Watt to watch the sunrise. It will absolutely be crowded but amazing. If you want to watch the sunset as well, the best place to do that is at the temple Pre Rub. Be on time, because you want to be on top of the temple and there is not enough space for everyone.

Sunrise Angkor Wat

Taj Mahal India

The Taj Mahal is a miracle in every single way. You can stroll around for hours, but make sure you are there on time. This place will be packed and it’s impossible to make a great pic without hundreds of people in it. So that’s a great reason to get up early and be on time for the sunrise. I’m sure it won’t disappoint.

taj mahal

Strahan Tasmania

Tasmania is one the most amazing places I’ve ever been, but the weather is horrible. At least, most of the times. That’s why I was very lucky to see this stunning sunset in Strahan. Curious about Tasmania, here you can read more about this beautiful island.

Poon Hill Nepal

During the way up to Annapurna Bace Camp you will be enjoying a beautiful sunrises and sunsets every night. Personally I loved the sunrise at Poon Hill the best. Hiking up the mountain in the dark and seeing the sun peaking above the mountains. Breathtaking.

Poon Hill Nepal

Mekong River Loas

A lot of backpackers are taking the boat from Thailand to Laos because it’s a cheap way to travel. But besides that, it’s a beautiful way as well. This journey will take a few days and you will be enjoying a great sunrise and sunset every day.
These were my favorite spots to watch the sunrise and sunset. I would love to hear what your favorite place is to watch the sunrise and sunset.

Mekong River Laos

See you!


Bonus: Click here for the stunning sunset and sunrise in Bagan Myanmar, the place with the pagoda’s and balloons.

Sunrise on the 2016 roadtrip through Australia on Instagram by Gobackpackgo

Click here for the Dutch version of this blogpost.

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