Cycling Oslo Trondheim
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Cycling from Oslo to Trondheim

Olé! After two good eat, sleep sightseeing days in Oslo I’m on my way to Trondheim.

Cycling Oslo to Trondheim

  • Around: 650 km
  • Top on 1321 meter
  • Maximum slope 16%
  • 10.000+ altitude meters

I will suprise myself if I could do 100km each day in this landscape.

Goals this week

  • Enjoy my trip! 🙂
  • See the Vikingskipet (Vikingship) in Hamar
  • Lillehammer 1994 olympics area (where Johann Olav Koss won 3 golden medals with speedskating)
  • Maybe see a side Fjord somewhere on the route.
  • Wildcamp! Just bought a new camera after my milk accident so I’ve to save some money 😉

Don’t know how the wifi is in the forest so maybe till next week

Cycling Oslo trondheim


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