St. Gotthard Pass Cycling
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Cycling the St. Gotthard Pass…. Wauw!

Update #tourdupisa: the day of surprises… Also this night i slept real good in my Hostel in Andermatt. Packed my bag and on my way to the Coop supermarket for some stuff. Bananas, Bread, Sweety’s. I picked my energy gels out of my big bags into my small food bag. I dont know if its the morning or something else but the climb directly killed my legs. In the begin i spotted a sign 9 km with 630mtr up. Auw! another 7% climb. In the middle of the climb i found the ritm so that was nice. But 2km before the top there was en cobble stone road. Killed my legs another time. On the top of te st Gotthard Pass i toke a little rest so i can in a good condition downhill. On the road walked some cows with bells, real Swiss! Roads with no sidewalls and a max of 68 km/h downhill. Downhill thats nice! But the managers of the tour du pisa had something i didn’t expect. Another climb! 6 km with 5.5% steepness. In the beginning so steep that you can hear me scream for my mother i guess. Yesterday i found and booked a camping place ware i would go but that was behind another steep hill. My legs were killed 3 times today so i biked around the hill and found the camping. On my way i thought of some things where i can compare this stage with; i think a labor with twins.

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