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How to get visa for Myanmar – eVisa Myanmar

Yes my Myanmar eVisa is accepted and the ticket is booked. Next week I’ll fly to Myanmar! Myanmar is one of my main goals of my trip. Myanmar is visited by more and more tourists. I wanted to go now and see the country more or less untouched by tourism.

How to get a visa for Myanmar

When you want to Myanmar and go by airplane to Mandalay or Yangon the most easy way to get a via for Myanmar is to do it online. Since september 2014 there is a special website for the Myanmar Visa. You can visit the website of the Myanmar goverment and apply for the Myanmar Visa over there. The eVisa (only for flights!) for Myanmar will cost $50 and you have to pay by credit card.

How to get visa for MyanmarI did it myself on saturday afternoon and had my approval mail and visa in PDF back on monday morning. But I also heard stories about three and four days waiting. (the website isn’t always stable, when you can’t acces try it a couple of hours later again)

When you recieved the email check if they approved your request. If do have the right letter print this PDF and bring it on your flight to Myanmar.

Where does the eVisa for Myanmar work?

You can enter / exit from (3) International Airports, Nay Pyi Taw, Yangon, Mandalay and exit from (4) International border checkpoints, Tachileik-Meisai, Myawaddy-Mesauk, Kauthaung-Yannnaung, Hteke-Phunaron. UPDATE: you can also go in by land, make sure you have a Myanmar visa in your passport already instead of the E-visa. (you can do that in Bangkok see below) For the last information check the Myanmar eVisa website.

Visa Myanmar in Bangok

If you hit Bangkok on your way to Myanmar it is easy and can be cheaper when you arrange your eVisa in Bangkok. A lot of tour agency’s can arrange the Myanmar Visa. You have to give them your pasport and two photo’s. You can arrange it in one day, you’ll pay 2100 baht ($64) two days you’ll pay 1800 baht ($55) and three days you’ll pay 1500 baht ($46) exact prices you can check at the tour agency. (Check a few so you pay less for the Myanmar eVisa)

Note: The weekend are not working days so when you give your pasport on friday in the afternoon the first moment you get it back is monday in the afternoon.

How to go to Myanmar by land

Note: With a e-visa you can not go to Myanmar by land, when you already arranged a visa, for example in Bangkok you can cross the border of Myanmar by land. Read here how you can go from Thailand to Myanmar by land.

How to get visa Myanmar in Chiang Mai

I saw this update on Facebook about visa-application in Chiang Mai:

There isn’t a lot of information to find on the internet about this but if you want to cross the border to Myanmar by land, you need a visa. An actual one, the e-visa is not enough. You can get this at the consulate in Bangkok OR in Chiang Mai.

I went to the chiang mai consulate a few days ago. I was there 15min before it opens. The guy behind the gate gave me a form to fill in (1 page about you and 1 about your previous and current job). After filling that out on the benches across the street, we were allowed in. We as in, me and the three other people who were there.
Bring two ID-photos (white background) and your passport (they need a copy but can make one there).
You have to glue one of the pictures to the document, give it all to the person behind the glass. They check your form, you pay them and Done, you get to go back in 3 days to pick it up.
If, like me, you need your visa the same day, it is more expensive and you need a reason why you need it the same day. Either a plane ticket or busticket out of Chiang Mai will do. I didn’t have one but was allowed to email them a copy before 2pm that day. I picked my visa up at 4 pm.

So easy, so simple, yet so little information to find about this online.

Visa Myanmar at the Myanmar embassy in Bangkok

The cheapest option to arrange your visa is to do it all yourself. You can go to the Myanmar embassy in Bangkok. You’ll pay 1260 baht ($39) a person. When you can proof that you will fly the next day you can get the Myanmar visa the same day. Same-day visas cost 1260 baht. Next-day visas cost about 1000 baht ($31). Three day visas cost about 810 baht ($25) cheapest option . It was not always easy to get the same-day-visa and that you need good reason to support the urgency. Normally Staff at the Myanmar Visa section are open to your argument. Moreover a proof of means to get out of the country e.g round trip ticket is needed.

Embassy of the Union of Myanmar in Bangkok

#132 Sathorn Nua Road, Bangkok, Thailand
+66 – 2 – 233 22 37

Location Embasssy of Myanmar in Bangkok

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