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5 free things todo in Sydney

I’m Free Walking Tours Sydney

The sole purpose of the “I’m free” tours, is to enable every individual, regardless of their budget to get the feeling of enjoyment that Sydney has to provide. I’m free tours do not charge upfront. However, the tourists are left to figure out and then decide what they think the entire tour was worth.

Sydney is among the cities that has gone ahead to offer free tours to locals and visiting tourists. The tour usually takes two and a half to three hours on a daily basis from 10:30 am and 2:30 pm with the starting point being the Town Hall Square. The tours are not limited, therefore, anyone is free to join, and no prior bookings are required either. At the specified time, the tour guide puts on brilliant green “I’m Free” T-shirts and waits for people on George St between St Andrew’s Cathedral and Sydney Town Hall

The Sydney tour guide after assembling all the people will then give insights into the places, events, and people of the beautiful city of Sydney. The town hall being the initial point, the tour guide leads the people in exploring early development years of Sydney since the colonial days all through the developments up to the current city of Today. The tour also covers scenic beauty and activities to engage in while in Sydney more so those events that are free to make the tourists stay as enjoyable as possible.

Visit Chinatown market Sydney

Almost all the cities in Australia have a Chinatown. However, none of them all is better or bigger than the one found in Sydney. The famous Chinatown known Friday Night Markets make one of Sydney’s popular late night shopping spot. The market showcases delicious Asian food, local designers and unique services and enchanting products from locals and tourists. The market which is open every Friday as from 4 pm to 11 pm gives an impression of cultural diversity, great energy, and Sydney’s developing Chinatown precinct.

Chinatown market offers a shopping experience where bargaining power in encouraged and the prices are tremendously low. The modern Australia has become, diverse and all round regarding ethnicity and culture. For this reasons, it embraces the Chinese community, festivals, foods, and architecture. Chinatown has become one of the most “must visit” cities in the world. Its most popular attractions include the groceries, cake shops, hairdressers, knick-knack shops, medical clinics, Asian restaurants, and neon-lit extravaganza just to mention but a few. The market now extends far beyond its original location of Dixon Street mall to cover 12 streets that lie between Darling Harbor and Central Station.

Any person, whether tourist, local, or visitor knows that they have arrived in Chinatown when they marvel at the great multilingual neon signs of the Dixon Street Mall. Large ceremonial archways inscribed with both well-known meaning and well-known phrases have bookended the mall the archways. Apart from having inscribed phrases like, “Towards Australian and Chinese friendship,” the archway also has large lion statues that lie on either side.

Opera house and botanic garden walk Sydney

Sydney’s most iconic sights from many different angles, with plenty of photo opportunities. There are restaurants and cafes in the middle of the Botanic Gardens where people can come together and refresh before continuing with sightseeing. The botanic garden also contains plenty of places to sit down and relax or spread a picnic blanket and enjoy the excellent views that Sydney has to offer. Both the opera house and botanical gardens offer great thrilling experiences making them beautiful sites to visit. Individuals can also come along with their whole families out and about to enjoy the walks and gardens view. The gardens similarly contain a small tourist train to carry them around the gardens at a reduced price. The garden offers elegant meandering pathways along the waterside or throughout the park

The Opera House to the Botanic Gardens Walk is situated in Macquarie St., Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. The building and its neighbouring surrounding take the entire Bennelong point between Farm Cove and Sydney Cove in Sydney Harbor adjacent to the Royal Botanic Gardens and Sydney central business district, CBD and close by the Sydney Harbor. The Sydney Opera House boasts of being a famous, distinctive building and multi-venue facility for performing arts.

The modern facility incorporates expressionists design with large precast concrete. The Opera house includes some venues of performances including the concert hall, drama theater, Joan Sutherland Theatre, studio, playhouse, outdoor Forecourt and recording studio. It also incorporates cafes and retail outlets where people can eat and drink.

Bondi to Coogee Beach Coastal Walk Sydney

The famous Bondi to Coogee Beach Coastal Walk is surrounded by an elegant scenery that follows a trail of 6 kilometers long. Through the walkway, people may encounter widely spread golden sand beaches, tide pools, green parks and vistas of blue ocean waves which spectacularly crash into the craggy rock faces. The bay is protected from the roughest sea waves by the Wedding Cake Island which is a rocky reef of about 800m 0ff the southern headland. The medium grade walkway passes through Bronte, Tamarama, Marouba and Coogee beaches.

Video Bondi to Coogee Beach Coastal Walk Sydney

Bondi to Coogee Beach Coastal walks, which is a beachside suburb of the local government area of Randwick City is located 8 kilometers southeast of the Sydney CBD. It is within the state of New South Wales, Australia. The Coogee Beach and Coogee Bay along with the Tasman Sea lie towards the east side of the suburb. The beach is famous for its conditions that allow for better swimming

The Island holds annual swimming competitions around it. Travellers, tourists, and locals can walk through the walkway to enjoy the great scenic beauty and water splashing. Coogee beach has palace aquariums and swimming baths where people may come to view big fishes like the tiger shark. People can also visit the Dolphin point and witness the pareidolia (the human tendency to see vague visual stimuli as human figure) that resembled a veiled woman

360 degree Bar Shangri-La Hotel Sydney

When you have a beer or cocktail in the Shangri-La Hotel in Sydney you will be amazed by the view. When you go during the night you got a spectacular view to the Harbor Bridge. Blu Bar on 36 is a Bars and Lounge facility for providing modern sophistications in the famous city of Sydney. The bar got its inspiration from New York architecture thus becoming an attraction on its own. The bar takes credit with its wide variety of excellent selection of wines, cocktails, champagnes, and liquors. Since the lounge is usually filled to capacity, the seating arrangement is usually given on the standard basis of first come first served.

The hotel is located at 176 Cumberland St, Sydney NSW 2000 in Australia. It is found strategically in the historical Rocks district which is very near to the many transport options to help anyone easily navigate to the destination.


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