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Pakse motorbike loop
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Pakse motorbikeloop Laos

The Pakse Motorbikeloop you can do it in two or three days. I advise you to do the loop clockwise the most beautiful views and waterfalls will be in the second part. So you get more excited instead of getting less excited. I’ve done the loop in 2014 and in 2023. Things have changed. The homestay at the waterfall (Tad Jarou Halang also named – Tad Tayicseua) has been closed, unfortunately. But new places (like Fendee Island) opened up and this motorbike loop is still an awesome thing to do!

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Cycling tour Ho Chi Minh City
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Cycling Tour Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC)

As I love to combine cycling and sightseeing I went on the Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) cycling tour. This journey was not just about witnessing the present-day hustle and bustle of the city but also learning Vietnam’s rich and complex history.

Ho Chi Minh City has about 7.3 million motorbikes is it a busy city, YES – Do you have to worry when cycling? NO, just GO ๐Ÿ™‚

Our dedicated local guide Phuc led us perfectly through the busy streets of HCMC. While he provided us with insightful information and refreshing hydration he also ensured we enjoyed a delightful lunch, adding to the richness of our experience. His passion for sharing HCMC’s stories was evident, and his skill in capturing a few snapshots along the way created cherished memories of our cycling adventure through Ho Chi Minh City.

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Cycling Tour Kuala Lumpur
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Cycling Tour Kuala Lumpur

Unveiling Hidden Gems with Elena, Your Knowledgeable Guide

Are you looking for an unforgettable cycling tour in Kuala Lumpur? Join Elena on an exciting half-day journey and explore the heart of Kuala Lumpur and its enchanting surroundings. Led by the friendly and knowledgeable guide, Elena, this tour guides life work is to make Kuala Lumpur a more cyclist-friendly destination while offering exceptional cycling tours that celebrates the diverse cultures and traditions of Malaysia.

We did the hidden secrets cycling tour in the morning and we were very happy with the variety of things we have seen and learned along the way. From edible fruits and spices to traditional houses just behind the big city. Also discovering various areas, learn about the cultures and tasting traditional snacks. We felt save the full tour, we highly recommend exploring the city of Kuala Lumpur Cycling with Elena!

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Best smoothie bowl Chiang Mai
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Best Smoothie Bowls in Chiang Mai

A Refreshing Delight at Sunflower Smoothies and Coffee

Looking for the Best Smoothie Bowls in Chiang Mai? This beautiful city in the north is known for its rich culinary scene, and amidst the plethora of dining options, there’s a hidden gem that stands out for me. Sunflower Smoothies and Coffee Chiang Mai has quickly become my go-to spot for a perfect start to the day or a rejuvenating mid-day pick-me-up. From their delightful smoothie bowls to their premium coffee, this cozy little shop has won me over with its amazing offerings and exceptional cleanliness.

Impeccable Cleanliness and Super Friendly Atmosphere

One of the first things that struck me upon entering Sunflower Smoothies & Coffee was the immaculate cleanliness. The entire shop exudes a sense of freshness, and the kitchen itself looks remarkably clean. In a city where cleanliness can sometimes be a challenge to find, this was a refreshing change. Additionally, the owner’s warm and friendly demeanor creates a welcoming atmosphere that makes each visit a pleasure.

Wanna go already? or save for later in your Google maps! ๐Ÿ™‚ Get the direction here

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Best Muay Thai Gym in Chiang Mai

Step into the world of genuine Muay Thai fighting at Manasak Pinsinchai Muay Thai Gym, located just outside of Chiang Mai, Thailand. Managed by the legendary world champion Manasak, the gym serves as a pilgrimage destination for those committed to excelling in this ancient combat sport. What’s more, you’ll find former world champion and current ONE fighter Lisa Brierly training here on a daily basis, adding another layer of expertise and inspiration to your training experience. With the gym located just outside of Chiang Mai you can full focus on training while still enjoy the good things of Chiang Mai city.

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Best Muay Thai Gym Chiang Mai – Real Muay Thai

When it comes to offering the most authentic Muay Thai training experience, Manasak Pinsinchai Muay Thai Gym in Chiang Mai stands out. With its exceptional facilities, professional trainers, and a legacy of champions, itโ€™s no surprise that this gym is often termed the best in Chiang Mai.

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Best Sunrise Spots Chiang Mai
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Where to watch Sunrise in Chiang Mai?

This photo above is Sunrise at Wat Palad

What are the best sunrise spots in Chiang Mai?

Where to watch sunrise in Chiang Mai? That is what I asked myself when living in Chiang Mai and saw some stunning sunrises from places I couldn’t see sunrise properly. When you land on this page you probably have the same question what I had: What are the best sunrise spots in Chiang Mai?

With this blog post I hope to give you some locations for Sunrise in and around Chiang Mai. These locations are my personal favorites and great to relax, or capture perfect sunrise pictures. Check them out all but don’t miss my absolute favorite Sunrise spot in Chiang Mai at the bottom <3

Also check out: The best Sunset places in Chiang Mai.ย 

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Muay Thai Educational Visa
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Muay Thai Educational Visa Chiang Mai

Are you looking for a Muay Thai ED visa like I did? Let me explain a little bit more about how the process works.

Muay Thai Educational VisaAfter I trained Muay Thai in Chiang Mai in 2015 I knew I would like to go again but for little longer. Therefor I looked up the Muay Thai ED visa options in Chiang Mai and hope it helps you too.

I came across Chiang Mai Muay Thai School in old town of Chiang Mai to sort out the Educational Visa options for a Muay Thai Educational Visa 6 months or 12 months. They are very responsive on Facebook and email but let me explain a little here within a blogpost.

Photo’s in this article are taken by Chiang Mai based Gisely Esther Holistic Photographer

Couple of reasons you want to get an Muay Thai ED Visa

  • You are beginner and want to learn Muay Thai from the best
  • You are intermediate and want to improve your Muay Thai level
  • You practise Muay Thai and want to fight in Thailand
  • Want to become very fit within the period you choose!

There are multiple options to get an ED muay Thai Visa. I went for a trainingpack at CMMTG. Time of writing this article is december 2019 so the prices might be changed when you ready it but is a good understanding what you will get for what price.

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